October 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

The following text are the minutes from the SMCT Board Meeting on May 30, 2015. Click the link below for a downloadable PDF version.

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes 24 October 2015 (public)


SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – September 2015

September 26th, 2015, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members present (voting members in bold): Liz Dubois, Andy Affleck, Chris Brostrup-Jensen, Shane Inman, Dennis Chretien, Kaila Rubin, Laura Giorgianni, Leslie Carter, Eric Dubois, Meryn Flynn, Carol Mauro

Meeting Begins – 10:15am


-Christmas Carol is continuing to go quite well, with good forward progress

-Additional help wanted in creative outreach area, non-traditional publicity

-Andy Affleck volunteered

-He would like to make a behind-the-scenes video of rehearsals

-Leslie suggested putting up fliers at AS220

-Also suggested emphasizing the fresh take on the play

-M*A*S*H script is under revision by Andy Affleck and Rob Lebeau

-Pre-production has been slower than hoped

-Sets must be constructed to eliminate difficult strikes during tech week

-Builder needed for construction of set

-Numerous props and costumes are very much needed

-Audition scripts intended to be up by December

-Young men are needed for the show

-Andy wants the mess tent on-stage to be used as the concession stand during intermission

-Seussical is confirmed as Summer 2016 production

-Creative people for costumes/sets are needed

-Max cast of 30

-Carries implication of needing to turn down kids who audition

-Aiming for audition process in May

-Meryn does not have young children in her caroling troupe, Christmas Carol may need to be edited to accommodate this

-Creative Studio is up and running

-Bob Hollis has taken care of October CAST responsibility

-Andy can train for sound, lights, and camera for those needed

-Dennis wants a form for people to sign when withdrawing equipment, assuming responsibility for it


-Halloween event garnered 36 total ticket sales

-Laura expects that SMCT will lose a negligible amount of money on the event

Public Relations

-Eric Dubois has registered for the new pair.com site in preparation for the server move

-Andy Affleck mentioned that even with pair.com, SMCT may have to use another reputable email-sending service to avoid being marked as spam

-Dennis Chretien mentioned that the asset library could be used for Creative Studio, but people would have to be cautious of licensing issues

-Audrey Dubois has been placed in charge of SMCT social media

-Meryn Flynn suggested creating an SMCT Tumblr

-Response was lukewarm


-Meryn Flynn is looking into writing a proposal for a large grant

-Grant writer from Trinity has been added to the database


-Shane Inman requested that newsletter articles be submitted only in reply to the email requesting said items

-Also asked that any other conversation be kept out of newsletter email chain

USO Show

-Still little luck finding musical director/coordinator

-Music programs of several highschools have been reached out to for volunteers

Storage Organization and Cleanout

-Some cleaning has been done, some shelves have been assembled

-Ebay account for SMCT has already been set up, could be used to sell old lights

-Second day must be scheduled to finish job

-It will be done on Halloween morning, 11:00am

-November 1st is backup date, 1:00pm

Next meeting is now scheduled for November 14th.

Motion to schedule future meetings for second Saturday of each month – Seconded/Passed

Motion to adjourn meeting – Seconded/Passed

Meeting adjourned – 12:05pm