POLICY MEETING #3: Being Intentional About Building Community

Our Motto is Building Community Through Theatre. For our next Policy Review and Advancement meeting, we would like to look at how we can best do that at rehearsals.

We are looking to establish another crew position entitled COMMUNITY BUILDER.

That person would be intentional about helping people be aware of our norms (such as treating every person with respect and worth, noticing and including those who seem to be on the fringe of the group, discovering and enhancing talents and finding the best role to help them shine, celebrating the good in each one of us and in our life together.) They would also be involved in helping us respect the rules of the facility in which we are gathered and informing and monitoring the safety and well being of individuals within our group dynamics.

Our third policy meeting will discuss and help establish a description of that role. ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED OR HAS BEEN AFFECTED BY OUR COMMUNITY (OR LACK THEREOF) is invited to attend the meeting and help us establish policy. The meeting will take place on Monday, January 11 at 6:30pm at the Dubois Home in Scituate.

For more information, or to share thoughts if you cannot make the meeting, please speak with Bob Hollis at (401) 440-7831 or SMCTbob@gmail.com.