September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

The following text are the minutes from the SMCT Board Meeting on May 30, 2015. Click the link below for a downloadable PDF version.

(public) SMCT Board Meeting Minutes 26 September 2015


SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – September 2015

September 26th, 2015, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members Present (voting members in bold): Artie Robillard, Bob Hollis, Kaila Rubin, Nikki Boss, Liz Dubois, Eric Dubois, Rachel Stevens, Laura Giorgianni, Leslie Carter, Andy Affleck, Leah Fidler, Carol Mauro, Shane Inman

Meeting Begins – 10:00am

Motion to accept July meeting minutes: Seconded/Passed

Executive Director

-Establish clearer definitions for positions such as Stage Manager and Producer, and communicate this to those holding these positions

-Bob Hollis, Laura Giorgianni, Liz Dubois, Eric Dubois, and Andy Affleck interested

-Meeting will be open to public for anyone interested in participating

-Date/time/place of meeting: October 26th, 6:30pm at the Dubois household


-Chris has tentatively finished writing the script for A Christmas Carol

-Meeting of CC production team on Monday, October 5th

-SMCT’s portion of the Christmas Carol raffle will be donated to a different charity each weekend

-M*A*S*H needs a full production crew, producer is most immediate need

-Andy proposed discount to anyone who shows up to M*A*S*H in military uniform (veterans)

-Possible problem with called-in reservations, how would they work with discount?

-Make use of available military jeep for M*A*S*H marketing purposes


-Youth reps have not yet formally met

-Bob will not be doing after-school programs during the Fall do to CAST obligations


-Halloween show

-Approval for Halloween show raffle has been obtained

-Michelle Chretien has volunteered to make foods for concessions, needs more volunteers

-Concessions must be opened before first show

-Fliers will be printed individually by people willing to do so

-Box office will be opened for show

-Tech needs: Microphone and stand, power extension cord for speaker, extension cord for microphone

Public Relations

-Spam filter on Box Office email is not functioning properly

-New server may remedy problem, in addition to outgoing mail being labeled spam

-Alternatively, Spam Sieve could be purchased is best apparent option

Motion to allocate funds to purchase two years of service with servers – Seconded/Passed

-Andy suggested having a single person in charge of SMCT marketing to maintain a unified public image and vision

-Idea of creating subsidiary position of social media coordinator (likely beneath PR board position)

-Must be someone familiar with both SMCT and social media

-Audrey Dubois will be asked


-Shelves need to be assembled, storage units cleaned

-Tentative date: Saturday, October 3rd, 9:00am

Mailing Lists

-Artie asked if the newsletter could be sent out closer to the middle of the month, rather than the beginning, Shane agreed

Motion to adjourn meeting – Seconded/Passed

Meeting adjourned – 12:15pm