Little Shop of Horrors Auditions

Swamp Meadow Community Theatre warns you this spring: “Don’t Feed The Plants!”

We proudly present Little Shop of Horrors by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken.

Auditions for actors, singers, musicians, dancers, and puppeteers will be held on January 6, 7, 8 2015 from 6 to 8pm at Captain Isaac Paine School, Foster, RI. All genders will be considered for any role. Please prepare a song from the 50’s or Motown.

Cast list

SEYMOUR: Unassuming, clutzy, smart, shy, hero within – motivated by love
AUDREY: Kind, a bit ditzy, abused and therefore tries to please and not upset, noble
MUSHNIK: Cranky, tired, would like to make it big but has given up, uses people
AUDREY 2:Insatiable, wants to grow and grow and grow, smart, needs help to achieve goals
CRYSTAL: High school drop out, Leader of the gang, lead singer, smart, quick, highest voice
RONNETTE: High school drop out, tough, smart aleck, take no guff, lowest voice
CHIFFON: High school drop out, Funny, quick, tough, medium range
ORIN (Dentist): Abusive and sadistic, not all that bright, but thinks he is the gift to the world, can be charming
BERNSTEIN: Fast talking Media Maven, hot shot
MRS LUCE: Take charge woman, neat, proud, elite, gets what she wants
SKIP SNIP: East Coast Agent – pushy, arrogant, matter of the fact
PATRICK MARTIN: Sleazy opportunist salesman

WINO: Strung out, comedic, low voice, singing
ANNOUNCER: Deep Voice, speaking, back up singing
CUSTOMERS: Wealthy, respectable, speaking, back up singing
INTERVIEWER: Radio interviewer, pretty straight forward, speaking, back up singing

PUPPETEERS: Working with, in, around Audrey 2
CLOCK: Find different artistic ways to change clock
DANCERS: Back Screen Dancers

Audition Pieces

SEYMOUR — The Solo in Skid Row (Downtown), Grow For Me, Spoken lead in to Feed Me
AUDREY — Somewhere That’s Green, Sominex, Spoken part in Sominex and Suppertime 2
MUSHNIK — Ya Never Know, Mushnik and Son
AUDREY TWO VOICE — Feed Me, Suppertime
CRYSTAL — Spoken lead in to Skid Row , First Verse of Skid Row
CHIFFON — Spoken lead in to Skid Row, First Verse of Little Shop
RONNETTE — Spoken lead in to Skid Row, Solo from Ya Never Know
ORIN — Dentist, Spoken lead in to Mushnik and Son
Bernstein, Mrs Luce, and Skip Slip — The Meek Shall Inherit,
The Voice — Lead in to Little Shop
Customer #1 — Dialogue Before and After Da Doo
SINGING ENSEMBLE — Skid Row, Suddenly Seymour, Don’t Feed The Plants
DANCERS — Dance to Suddenly Seymour, Dance to Ya Never Know
PUPPETEER — Feed Me, Suppertime (lip sync)

Keyboard — Little Shop, Feed Me (Git It)
Bass — Little Shop, Feed Me (Git It)
Drums — Little Shop, The Meek Shall Inherit
Guitar — Feed Me (Git it), Don’t Feed The Plants
Reed 1 — Flute – Da Doo, Grow For Me
Reed 2 — Clarinet or Sax – Closed For Renovation, Grow For Me
Trumpet — Suppertime. Don’t Feed the Plants
Fluggle Horn, Trombone, French Horn — Closed For Renovation, Suppertime

Call for more information, or if you are interested but unable to attend the auditions.

Production dates will be May 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17.

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