Auditions for The Trail to Oregon!

Join our caravan as we trek the Wild West in The Trail to Oregon! Follow your typical, American Pioneer family as they travel to their new home in… Ore-gome. It’s a wacky, musical adventure where our audience gets to name the characters and decide their fate.

Audioners must be 17 years old to audition. Don’t worry young Pioneers, our kids show is around the corner!

Due to Virus concerns, the “Trail to Oregon” team has made the executive decision to cancel the show. We will contact anyone who sent a video if/when we are able to reschedule this production.

We ask that in your Audition Video, to present 32 bars from a song of your choice as well as read/sing “You Gotta Go” from the musical set to our attached “music” link. With the latter, we are looking to see your acting ability, or how you react while singing a very lovely song while dying of dysentery. 
Please send the video in a MP4 file or a link to your uploaded video on Youtube.

Once completed, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required your audition video and we will send you an info sheet, to be completed and sent back via email.

Please have your videos submitted no later than May 2nd by 4pm as we will not accept videos after that.

We will also tentatively plan an additional physical audition on May 2nd from 12pm to 4pm at the Warwick Public library. This will not be by appointment and will go on first come/first serve. Thank you for you understanding and your flexibility as we try to be safe and accommodate the virus.

“You Gotta Go” Audition Track

“You Gotta go” Sample Song

You Gotta Go Lyrics

For any additional questions or concerns, please e-mail director Tyler H. Vigeant at email hidden; JavaScript is required for any information.

Show dates will be August 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, 16th

Auditions for Foster Follies 2020

Calling all performers… magicians, musicians, actors, poets, dancers, or any other talented folks.

For your convenience, auditions will be held for our annual variety show, Foster Follies, will be held on the same nights as Into the Woods. You may audition for both events if you choose.  

Please bring any music and be prepared for auditions on January 7 or 8.

Rehearsal will be on April 2 and performance on April 3, 2020 at the Foster Country Club.  

For more information, contact Mary Jo Chretien, 401-524-0919.

Auditions for Into the Woods

Our Spring production is Into the Woods.

The show has some mature themes, and is considered PG-13. Parts are available for ages 13 and up, and people of all genders, races, and abilities are encouraged to audition.

Please be ready to perform a song and do a cold read from the script. Please bring along any accompanying music if desired, and something to play that music on.

Auditions are:

  • Tuesday, January 7, from 6-8pm
  • Wednesday, January 8, from 6-8pm
  • Callbacks are Jan. 13 + 15, from 6-8pm, as needed.

Location: Captain Isaac Paine School, 160 Foster Center Road, Foster, RI

Note: Auditions for Foster Follies will be held at the same time.

For the music portion of the audition, please prepare the following:

  • Entire song, can use lyrics/sheet music as needed
  • Can have multiple songs on hand, though not required and may not be utilized
  • MP3 accessible track (no live musicians) without main vocals to sing with
  • Song should not be from Into the Woods
  • If you want to listen to the soundtrack for reference, do not use the movie version!
  • You will also be asked to do readings from the show. This could be solo or with groups.

Additional Information:

  • Please try to arrive close to 6pm if possible so we can make sure to schedule time accordingly – auditions will be open until 8pm. Auditions will be taking place in the cafeteria on the stage. You should enter through the left side entrance of the school as to not disrupt auditions taking place (Foster Follies auditions will be in a separate location in the school)
  • Call backs will be the 13th and 15th as needed
  • For call backs you may be asked to do music from the show – it does not need to be prepared ahead of time – again if you want to listen, please use the original Broadway recording, not movie soundtrack
  • First rehearsal will be January 23 and every Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday forward

Any questions, feel free to comment or message and we’ll get back to you asap!

Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 6-9 pm, at the Captain Isaac Paine School, 160 Foster Center Road, Foster, RI
Performance dates are: May 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 2020

Auditions for “Lessons of Legend”

Our summer show will consist of two short plays. Auditions will take place on June 4 and 6 at 6-8pm at Captain Isaac Paine School. Children between the ages of 6 through 16 are invited to audition for one or both of these two one-act plays.

Ice Wolf, by Joanna H. Kraus
Based on an Inuit folk tale, this story follows Anatou, a girl born with pale skin, blue eyes and white hair. Her differences lead her to be persecuted by her community, until she decides that maybe it would be better to be a wolf than a human. 

Cast size: 15-20
STORYTELLER, 10 lines, narrator of events. Poetic. Crafts an environment with their words. 
ANATOU, 100 lines, a girl born with unusually white hair, outcast by other Inuits. Portrays a large range of emotions, from scared to sad to enraged. 
KARVIK, 15 lines, Anatou’s father, willing to defend his daughter. 
ARNARQIK, 20 lines, Anatou’s mother, kind and nurturing. May include some singing. 
TARTO, 50 lines, a boy around Anatou’s age, her best friend. The only one who is kind to Anatou besides her parents.
KIVIOG, 45 lines, Tarto’s father. Convinced that Anatou is bad luck.
ATATA, 15 lines, an old man, an elder in the community. 
SHIKIKANAQ, 15 lines, a young girl, friends with Tarto. Naive, distrusts Anatou because everyone else does. 
MOTOMIAK, 15 lines, a young boy, friends with Tarto. Also considers Anatou a sign of bad luck.
VILLAGER 1 & 2, 30 lines each, a Greek Chorus for the events of the village, showing the mindset of the community in general. 
WOOD GOD, 50 lines, a god of the forest. Stoic, commanding, powerful air, but still gentle. 
BEAVER, FOX, & ERMINE: Woodland creatures who serve under the Wood God and give advice to Anatou as a wolf. Fox: 20 lines, Beaver: 15 lines, Ermine: 5 lines.

Under the Mystic Sea, by Anna Maria Trusky
This comedic play follows Oliver and Carrie, two human siblings who accidentally end up at the bottom of the sea during a family boat trip. They meet all types of ocean creatures along the way back home. 

Cast size: 14-20
OLIVER, 90 lines, human boy
CARRIE, 90 lines, human girl
JULIA, 20 lines, their mother
GREG, 10 lines, their father 
SPLASH, 1 line, a harbor seal. Potentially a singing role. Double cast with SEAL OF APPROVAL.
LUCKY, 95 lines, horseshoe crab. Oldest and wisest animal in the sea. 
NOVA, 40 lines, starfish. An absolute diva and drama queen. 
CAL AMARI, 40 lines, squid. Comical Italian accent a plus. 
SWIMMERET, 30 lines, baby lobster. Youngest animal, cutesy speech cries often. 
FILET O. SOLE, 25 lines, a sole. Singing role, sings soul music (but not very well). 
CHOPPERS, 15 lines, a shark. The bully of the ocean. New York tough guy accent.
ROCKY, 20 lines, a remora. Sidekick to Choppers. New York accent.
BIG MEAN HERMIT CRAB/BOOMING VOICE/CRABBY HERMIT/GRANDPA. 40 lines, Very grumpy and old, secretly has a heart of gold.
SEAL OF APPROVAL, 15 lines, grey seal. Magical, queenly, benevolent. Potentially singing role. Double cast with SPLASH.

If you would like to prepare for auditions, read the following pages. No preparation or memorization is necessary.

Anatou: 24-25, 34-35, 37 (anger), 42 (fear), 46-47 (sadness)
Wood God: 28-29, 42 (anger), 46-47
Tarto: 24-25. 46-47
Fox, Beaver, Ermine: 33
Karvik and Anarqik: 12-14
Storyteller: 7, 27
Villagers and Kiviog: 12-14, 39-40, 46-47
Atata: 39-40
Shikikanaq and Motomiak: 16-19

Oliver and Carrie: 2-3, 5
Splash/Seal of Approval: 4, 36
Lucky: 7
Nova: 11
Cal Amari: 13-14
Swimmeret: 18-19
Filet O Sole: 21-22
Choppers and Rocky: 23, 25
Crabby Hermit/Booming Voice: 31-32, 36, 40
Julia and Greg: 2-3, 40

Auditions for Miracle On 34th Street

Show information

Miracle on 34th Street Character Breakdown

Please note that many roles (as listed) can be cast as either male or female. Character names may be adjusted based upon casting. 

Watch the movie to help you get a feel for the story & help with think about parts you might want to play and help you with your audition in general. There are no online auditions pieces. Auditioning scripts will be passed out along with your audition form when you come to audition.

ENSEMBLE: Adults, teens and children (ages 8-99) – The ensemble is essential to this show. They will guide the show, filling scene breaks, changing scenery, and creating a complete world (lots of possibilities. There are several speaking roles for children and teens who also appear as extras in other scenes. Adult ensemble features include Carolers, Bag Lady, Rich Person, Drunk Santa, Duncan (Zookeeper), Postal Workers, Parents who visit Santa, Pedestrians, Photographers, Courtroom Crowd, Para Workers and Carolers. There is also a special “Elf Theatre” presentation at Macy’s (might be a short sketch, a musical production, dance, etc.), which will spotlight Elves and their talents. Singing ability is useful but not required.

 KRIS KRINGLE: Male (Stage Age 40–60) – He is Santa Claus. Likeable, firm, caring. Loves children. 

FRED GAYLEY: Male (Stage Age 20–40) – Friend/Neighbor to Doris and Susan; Lawyer; Kringle’s defense attorney; all around good guy 

DORIS WALKER: Female (Stage Age 20–40) – Personnel Manager at Macy’s; Susan’s mother; all work, no play. 

SUSAN WALKER: Female Child (Stage Age 7-9, can be older) – Doris’ daughter. Precocious. She doesn’t believe. 

SHELLHAMMER: Adult Male or Female (any age) – Assistant to Doris. Friendly, efficient. 

JUDGE HARPER: Adult Male or Female (Stage Age 30+) – Presides over Kringle’s hearing; Judicial; likeable; a bit political. 

DR. PIERCE: Adult Male or Female (any age) – Physician at Maplewood Home; warm, caring. 

SAWYER: Adult Male or Female (any age) – Macy’s vocational guidance counselor; character role requiring great comic timing. 

MARA: Adult Male or Female (any age) – Prosecuting attorney; somewhat jaded; sticks to the letter of the law. 

HALLORAN: Adult Male or Female (any age) – Judge Harper’s political campaign manager.

 FINLEY: Adult Male or Female (any age) – Bailiff in Judge Harper’s court. 

MACY: Adult Male or Female (Stage Age 30+) – Owner and manager of Macy’s Department Store. 

BLOOMINGDALE: Adult Male or Female (Stage Age 30+) – Owner and manager of Bloomingdale’s Department Store.

Auditions are September 3 to 5 (you only need to come to one of those days). Show will be December 6 to 15.

Auditions for Foster Follies 2019

Show us what you’ve got — we are looking for amazing acts: comics, singers, dancers, thespians, poets, musicians… sky’s the limit (just keep it PG-13 and be safe.)

Come on down to the Benjamin Eddy Building, 6 South Killingly Rd, Foster, RI on Friday, February 1, from 6:30-8:30. 

If you are singing with a track, please bring your music on a flash drive. Foster’s cell service cannot always be trusted to play your track! 

A keyboard is available for your use at auditions. 

The 2019 Foster Follies takes place Friday, March 1, at the Foster Country Club. 

Questions? Email email hidden; JavaScript is required

See you at auditions