Auditions for M*A*S*H



(Genders and ages are apparent. Anyone may audition for any role if they think they can pull it off. Line counts are approximate)

  • CAPTAIN BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PIERCE (HAWKEYE) (140 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Chief Surgeon of the 4077th; Draftee who doesn’t want to be in Korea at all but has no choice. Has decided that the best way to get through it is to have as much fun in the face of horror as possible.
  • CAPTAIN AUGUSTUS BEDFORD FORREST (DUKE) (110 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Draftee Doctor with the same attitude as Hawkeye but is more of a Southern Charmer.
  • COLONEL HENRY BRAYMORE BLAKE (100 lines, Male, Age 30+) – Commander of the 4077th. A bit of a pushover and lets the Doctors get away with their shenanigans, much to the chagrin of some…
  • MAJOR MARGARET HOULIHAN (90 lines, Female, Age 30+) – Regular army and Chief Nurse. Margaret, like Frank, wishes the 4077th was more proper military and, for a while, she finds a kindred spirit in Frank, until he drives her away with is craziness. She has a reputation for being a bit friendly with certain generals in the past.
  • MAJOR FRANK BURNS (70 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Regular army doctor of questionable skill. Sanctimonious, pompous, and hates that the 4077th is not running at peak military efficiency. He’s also somewhat unstable.
  • CORPORAL WALTER O’REILLY (RADAR) (70 lines, Male, Age 16-20) – A young kid, possibly even younger than he should be. Radar has the uncanny ability to hear things no one else can and to anticipate what people are going to say before they say it.
  • CAPTAIN BRIDGET MCCARTHY (60 lines, Female, Age 18+) – Nurse, kind to the other nurses and supportive. Defends their way of doing things to Margaret’s criticism.
  • CAPTAIN JOHN McINTYRE (TRAPPER JOHN) (55 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Draftee Doctor that once faced off against Hawkeye in a college football game when their schools met. They may not be aold friends, but that shared history lets them become fast friends when they meet.
  • CAPTAIN JOHN BLACK (UGLY) (55 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Doctor. In a relationship with Janice. Co-planner of the dance.
  • JANICE FURY (53 lines, Female, Age 18+) – Nurse, in a relationship with Ugly. Co-planner of the dance.
  • CAPTAIN WALTER WALDOWSKI (WALT) (45 lines, Male, Age 25+) – The camp dentist and owner and purveyor of the 24 hour Poker game in his tent. Suffers from serious bouts of depression on a regular basis.
  • NANCY PHILLIPS (40 lines, Female, Age 18+) – Younger, less experienced nurse. Is blamed (unfairly) for the death of a patient and reacts very badly to the cruel criticism.
  • SERGEANT DEVINE (32 lines, Male, Age 18+) – Works in the Mess Tent and is a con man always trying to sucker people in his scams.
  • LOUISE KIMBLE (25 lines, Female, Age 18+) – Nurse
  • HO-JON (25 lines, Male, Age 16-20) – A Korean boy who is the Tent-Boy for the Doctors in the Swamp. He does their laundry and cleans for them. Later, Hawkeye tries to get him into Medical School in the States.
  • GENERAL HAMILTON HARTINGTON HAMMOND (20 lines, Male, Age 40+) – Regular Army General. A blowhard. Is in charge of all M*A*S*H units along the front lines.
  • FATHER JOHN PATRICK MULCAHY (20 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Camp Chaplain (supports all denominations). A kind-hearted person who will always help people.
  • CORPORAL MAX KLINGER (15 lines, Male, Age 20+) – Klinger is doing anything he can to get sent home on a psychiatric discharge. His main approach is to dress in women’s clothes. Must look great in heels carrying a rifle.
  • MITZI, FRTTZI and AGNES (15-20 lines each, Females, Age 18) – Three USO performers of questionable talent. Speak in exaggerated little girl voices with strong New Jersey accents.
  • MAJOR RUTH HASKELL (15 lines, Female, Age 30+) – Psychiatrist at the Evac station with Jones.
  • DEAN MERCY LODGE (10 lines, Female, Age 40+, may double up with Congresswoman Goldfarb) – Dean of Hawkeye’s alma mater.
  • MISS RANDAZZLE (8 lines, Female, Age 20+) – Lodge’s Secretary.
  • CAPTAIN OLIVER WENDELL JONES (7 lines, Male, Age 22+) – A college football star who is a neurosurgeon working incognito at a nearby front-line medical evac station. Hawkeye knows him and gets him brought to the 4077th.
  • CONGRESSWOMAN GOLDFARB (6 lines, Female, Age 40+, may double up with Dean Lodge) – On a Korean tour. Not many lines but needs to have a really great scream.
  • CONNIE LIEBOWTTZ (4 lines, Female, Age 22+, may double up with another nurse) – Nurse at the Evac station with Jones.
  • KOREAN WOMEN (Female, any age, may double up with other roles if possible/necessary) – 1-3 women from the nearby village.
  • I.’s, Koreans, Medical Personnel, Patients (Any gender, Age 16+, may double up with other roles if possible/necessary)
  • Someone (either a non-lead part above or someone else who can double as one of the GIs, Koreans, Patients, etc.) who can play guitar and sing.

Korean roles may be played by anybody. We will use a combination of costumes and accents to denote ethnicity in as respectful a way as is possible.

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Additional help

We are also looking for help with tech, backstage, hospitality and more.

Auditions are January 7 (6-9pm) and 9 (1-4pm), 2016 at the Woody Lowden Recreation Center. Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays and performances are scheduled for April 8-10 and 15-17, 2016.

SMCT Carolers’ 2015 schedule

SMCT Carolers are moving into modern times for at least part of the 2015 season, thanks in large part to our participation in this year’s production of A Christmas Carol 2015 on December 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20.

We will still be singing at our traditional venues and adding a few new venues, however, we will mostly dress like the modern celebrants that we are, this year.

  • Christmas in the Valley on November 29 at 1 pm at the Foster Country Club
  • The North Scituate Village Candlelight Stroll on December 4, from 5 to 9 pm.
  • The Purple Cat in Chepachet, RI on December 10 & 12
  • Courthouse Center for the Arts in West Kingston, RI on December 19 at 1 pm

If you want to catch the Victorian version you are used to seeing, plan on catching the Victorian Caroler Quartet (Kim Barrette, soprano – Heather Hopkins, alto – Walt Galloway, bass & Steve Goulet, Sr., tenor). They will be performing at:

  • Blackstone River Theater Holiday Craft Fair in Cumberland, RI, Saturday, December 5, 12:00-12:30 pm or 12:30-1:00 pm;
  • Blackstone River Theater Annual Christmas Celebration, Saturday, December 12, 8:00 pm, and Sunday, December 13, 7:00 pm.

Please feel free to come sing along with us, as we raise our voices and spirits in the time honored caroling tradition meant to push back the dark of the year.

POLICY MEETING #3: Being Intentional About Building Community

Our Motto is Building Community Through Theatre. For our next Policy Review and Advancement meeting, we would like to look at how we can best do that at rehearsals.

We are looking to establish another crew position entitled COMMUNITY BUILDER.

That person would be intentional about helping people be aware of our norms (such as treating every person with respect and worth, noticing and including those who seem to be on the fringe of the group, discovering and enhancing talents and finding the best role to help them shine, celebrating the good in each one of us and in our life together.) They would also be involved in helping us respect the rules of the facility in which we are gathered and informing and monitoring the safety and well being of individuals within our group dynamics.

Our third policy meeting will discuss and help establish a description of that role. ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED OR HAS BEEN AFFECTED BY OUR COMMUNITY (OR LACK THEREOF) is invited to attend the meeting and help us establish policy. The meeting will take place on Monday, January 11 at 6:30pm at the Dubois Home in Scituate.

For more information, or to share thoughts if you cannot make the meeting, please speak with Bob Hollis at (401) 440-7831 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Seven Wives for Dracula

Dracula wreaks havoc in a sanatorium, bringing confusion and a love of polygamy with him. Your favorite Halloween characters come to life in the hilarious 30-minute comedy Seven Wives for Dracula by playwright Tim Kelly. Join Swamp Meadow on October 23, 2015 at either of two showings: 6:15 pm or 8:00 pm.

Stay late or come early in-between shows for Halloween-themed tricks and treats! Any one arriving in costume receives a free bag of candy and is welcome to join in a costume contest, judged by the team here at Swamp Meadow. Prizes for Most Original, Cutest, Best All Around, and Funniest. Don’t miss out! Take a night out to enjoy this fun-filled family event the community has been missing!

SMCT’s annual Halloween event and Seven Wives for Dracula will be performed at Captain Isaac Paine School in Foster, RI, on Friday October 23rd, 6:15 pm or 8:00 pm. Tickets just $5/each. Purchase your tickets in advance – space is limited!


Mrs. Half-Nelson: Meryn Flynn
Miss Hearse: Maia Grandy
Renfield: Mark Carter
Dr. Seward: Bob Hollis
Lily: Gabby Dworkin
The Odd Sisters: Michelle Chretien, Emily Chretien
Jonathan: Jake Eldrige
Lucy: Chloe Anderson-Boss
Van Helsing: Chris Brostrup-Jensen
Dracula: Dennis Chretien
Countess: Nikki Boss
Wolf-Creature/Bat: James Boss

We are looking for a few people to help out that night, for the following positions: manage backstage and props, concession sales and donations, box office, costume contest judges, and a few generous folks to help set up before the show and break down after. Let us know if you can help in any avenue! Stay and see the show in exchange for volunteering your time! Can you volunteer anything to help make this event even more spectacular? A raffle item, face painting, fortune telling, balloon animals, anything! Let us know! Send any questions to email hidden; JavaScript is required

Reserve now!

The Sea Wench Pays Tribute to Senior RI Poet Laureate Dolores Rafaelle

Swamp Meadow Community Theatre invites you to join with Bob Colonna and Meryn Flynn as they pay tribute to the late Senior Poet Laureate of Rhode Island, Dolores Raffaelle, with a reading of one of her most personal plays, The Sea Wench. The Sea Wench tells an eloquently written, heart-felt story between a Scotch-Irish Bar Maid and a weathered Sea Captain as they learn that “even when you think all hope is lost and life has past you by, you can find love through even the toughest of times.”

The artistic dramatic reading is a format that allows the audience to focus on the eloquent words and visions of the writer without the need for all the other theatrical trappings. Bob Colonna – a professor at Rhode Island College, Artistic Director of The Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater, and former member of Trinity Rep – and Meryn Flynn – a local drama and music star and teacher – will bring the witty and moving story to life as you provide the pictures that the writer creates in your mind.

sea-wenchThe premiere performance of this Tribute Show took place on Sunday, August 9, 2015 at 2 pm in the intimate confines of the Foster Towne House (81 Howard Hill Road, Foster, RI 02825.)

Because of the popularity of this event, and the importance of celebrating our late Poet Laureate, a second reading will be performed at the Foster Country Club on September 11 at 7pm.

Tickets are $7 per person, with a family maximum of $30. Dinner is available through the Foster Country Club (restaurant opens at 4 pm). Seating is limited and reservations can be made online or by calling the Box Office at 1-888-493-7110.