Auditions for The Jungle Book

Swamp Meadow Summer Children’s Theatre is holding open auditions for The Jungle Book
Adapted from the Mowgli stories of Rudyard Kipling by Vera Morris

Auditions will be held June 3, 4, 5, 2013, from 6pm to 9pm (Doors close at 8:30pm)
Captain Isaac Paine School
160 Foster Center Road, Foster, RI

Performances will be August 14 to 18.

Please be prepared to read lines and act out scenes for the characters for which you would like to audition. The readings are provided below in case you would like to preview and prepare. Copies will be available at auditions. You may not be asked to read all the lines for a specific character, however you may be asked to read additional lines from other pages and characters. You are not expected to memorize, we may ask you to act out some lines you have never seen before!

A prepared monologue is not required, however we highly recommend that those over age 10 or who plan on auditioning for lead roles (Mowgli, Shere Khan, Nyra, Bagheera, Baloo, Akela, etc.) bring a 15 to 30 second memory piece to perform for the panel.

Anyone who is interested in singing in the show may prepare 1 verse of any song (not a requirement). We will also have opportunities for student musicians (particularly brass instruments), however you do not need to bring your instrument or music to auditions.

Roles available (ages 6-16):

The character’s gender is listed, however most roles can be played by either a male or female. Some actors may be assigned multiple roles if needed.

  • MOWGLI: Indian boy raised by wolves. Lead role, 101 lines, some monologues. (Ages 9 to 14)
  • NYRA: Elderly woman, the village storyteller. If male: named Koto. Large role, 26 lines, long monologues. (Ages 12+)
  • CHITRA: Villager. Medium role, 24 lines. (Ages 9+)
  • RIKKI-TIKKI-TAVI: Mischievous mongoose. Medium role, 15 lines. (Any age)
  • BALOO: Old bear, Mowgli’s teacher. Large role, 48 lines. (Ages 12+)
  • BAGHEERA: Panther, Mowgli’s mentor and protector. Large role, 44 lines. (Ages 10+)
  • AKELA: Elderly leader of the wolf pack. Large role, 32 lines. (Ages 12+)
  • FATHER WOLF: Mowgli’s adopted wolf father. Medium role, 17 lines. (Ages 9+)
  • MOTHER WOLF: Mowgli’s adopted wolf mother. Medium role, 18 lines. (Ages 9+)
  • TABAQUI: Jackal servant of Shere Khan. Medium role, 28 lines. (Ages 7+)
  • WOLVES (3): Medium roles, 8 lines each. (Ages 8+)
  • SHERE KHAN: Powerful man-eating tiger. Large role, 44 lines. (Ages 13+)
  • YOUNG MOWGLI: As young as possible. Non-speaking role, 1 scene.
  • WOLF PUPS: Non-speaking roles. (Under 8 years old)
  • JUNGLE CREATURES: Any animal. 11 lines, divided. (Any age)
  • MESSUA: Village widow, Mowgli’s real mother. Medium role, 18 lines. (Ages 11+)
  • TOOMAI: Village Elder. Medium role, 20 lines. (Ages 10+)
  • VILLAGERS (2): Villagers and Village Searchers. Small roles, 3 lines each. (Any age)
  • MOR: Peacock, friend of Mowgli. Medium role, 14 lines. (Ages 6 to 14)
  • MANG: Bat, friend of Mowgli. Medium role, 15 lines. (Ages 6 to 14)
  • RANN: Kite bird, friend of Mowgli. Medium role, 12 lines. (Ages 7+)
  • IKKI: Porcupine or hedgehog, friend of Mowgli. Medium role, 12 lines. (Ages 6 to 9)
  • KING MONKEY: Fun-loving, not very smart, self-proclaimed king. Large role, 31 lines. (Ages 10+)
  • MONKEYS (5): Hilarious followers of the King. Small roles, 8 lines each. (Any age)
  • GRAY BROTHER: One of Mowgli’s adopted wolf brothers. Small/medium role, 11 lines. (Ages 8+)
  • ELEPHANTS (4): Funny members of the elephant patrol. Small roles, 3 lines each. (Any age)
  • HATHI: Forgetful and strict elephant patrol general. Small role, 19 lines. (Ages 10+)
  • KAA: Sneaky python. Small/medium role, 14 lines. (Ages 9+)
  • COBRA: Huge Guardian of the Great Treasure. Small role, 14 lines. (Ages 11+)

Download the Jungle Book audition scripts.

To save time on audition day, print and fill out the audition form .

For more information, contact Emily Chretien at