Be a part of the SMCT Annual Celebration

The SMCT Annual Celebration takes place on June 10, 2013 at the Captain Isaac Paine School. Please, make plans to join us for our Annual Celebration. We celebrate the community in Community Theatre by feasting, looking back on all the good, and looking forward to our bright future.

Bring a Dish to pass for the Pot Luck Supper,which will begin at 6:15.
Our business meeting – reviewing last year's budget and setting this year's, voting on the slate of Board Members for this year, officially ratifying the upcoming season, and voting on whatever other business comes up – will begin at 6:45.

Be prepared to share one thing that you like about the SMCT Community and bring a 15 second part of any play that we have done in the first 10 years of our existence. We will all try to guess the show, the character and the person who played it! Points will be given for each correct answer! And in usual Whose Line Is It Anyway philosophy: The points don't matter as we will all be winners!

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.