Auditions for A Christmas Story

Sandy, Artie and the audition panel thank every one who came out to audition. We still need RANDY and could use a few more friends for walk-on, non-speaking roles.

Remember even if you have a role with ANNIE Jr. that our rehearsals start in September, allowing you to be in both plays.

Special Note: Audition even if you are little older than the preferred ages of 9 and 10. We’ll do our best not to exclude anyone from getting a role.

Roles Available

RALPH: as an adult and storyteller (also plays: THE COWBOY)

RALPHIE PARKER: at 9 yrs. old, is on a quest for Christmas to get the legendary official Red Ryder 200-Shot Carbine Action Range Model Air Rifle for Christmas (Child M or F age and size to fit a 9 yr old )

MOTHER: his mother (Adult Female)

THE OLD MAN: his father. (Adult Male)

RANDY: (his little brother 6 yrs. old) was a notoriously picky eater who had been known to go for years without taking on provisions and also a champion whiner

FLICK: (a friend and classmate 9 yr old) Ralphie’s best friend who always had a sore arm

SCHWARTZ: (a friend and classmate 9 yr old) is the King of the “Triple Dog Dare.”

ESTHER JANE ALBERRY: (a classmate 9 yr old) she has a crush on Ralphie

HELEN WEATHERS: (a classmate 9 yr old) Esther Jane’s friend and she’s really smart

MISS SHIELDS: (his teacher) (Adult Female)

SCUT FARKAS: (9 or 10 yr old) The bully of legend in Hohman, Indiana.


EXTRAS (A few lines or none speaking roles)

GROVER DILL: (9 yr old) Scut’s crummy little toadie pal!

BLACK BART and his DESPERADOS: 1, 2, 3??? (M & F children or teens or adults) (These roles may be doubled)

ELVES: Santa’s Helper (4 children or teens M or F)

THE BUMPUS HOUNDS: (3 or 4 children or teens M or F)


These roles can also double as backstage help




Rehearsals are tentatively planned for Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:30, to start.

Performance are scheduled for December 5-7 and 12-14, 2014 (Friday/Saturday evenings, Sunday matinees)

Our production team is still in need of talented helping hands to bring this holiday comedy to the stage. Producer, sound crew help, sets & props manager, cast facilitator (directing cast members when their be in place for their scenes), general helpers, makeup manager and help, head concessions person. Dressing room security.

If you have any questions about the show, please contact Artie Robillard (

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