Putting the “Fun” in Funeral

A review by Audrey Dubois

After attending rehearsal for Swamp Meadow Community Theatre’s Finnegan’s Farewell, I found myself crying. It wasn’t because the story took place at a funeral, or that I was surrounded by great actors who brought to life the sadness they felt for this fictitious character. I cried because I was laughing so hard.

Finnegan’s Farewell is directed by Liz Goulet Dubois, a Swamp Meadow member for six years and veteran director of her original comedy Get Merry. After achieving maximum hilarity on the mainstage, she decided to conquer the dinner theatre with humour as well. This play takes place at the funeral of Irish mailman Paddy Finnegan, but don’t expect a lifeless affair. It’s a fast-paced comedy laden to the brim with over-the-top Irish accents, mail-order puns, and relatable sibling rivalry. The talented cast features Paddy’s wife and four children, as well as a hilarious reverend, a wacky lawyer, a rollicking Irish band, and many acquaintances that may only be there to hear their name in Paddy’s will. And let’s not forget that the audience is in attendance as well! The show is interactive, and the audience members might be asked to sing, dance, share a toast, or simply clap along. No matter what happens, Finnegan’s Farewell is a memorial service you won’t soon forget.

Finnegan’s Farewell will be performed at the South Foster Fire Station on March 8th at 6 pm and March 9th at 1 pm. Tickets are $28 each. As a dinner theatre, a meal is included with the cost of the ticket. Paid reservations are due by March 2nd.  In good Irish tradition, 21-and-overs are invited to bring their own alcoholic beverages. This show is recommended for humans 12 and older for mature humour. Remember that March 9th is Daylights Savings time—you wouldn’t want to be fashionably late to this get-together!

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