Open Auditions for Mr. Toad’s Mad Adventures

Swamp Meadow Summer Children’s Theatre
Open Auditions for…
“Mr. Toad’s Mad Adventures”

Mr. Toad's Mad AdventuresFrom Kenneth Grahame’s classic “The Wind in the Willows”

June 7, 8, 9, 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Woody Lowden Recreation Center.
Howard Hill Rd, Foster, RI

Roles are available for ages 6 -16
Auditions will consist of reading and acting
from the characters that interest you.
Please bring a passport size photo.

For more information contact Brian Wolf-Jensen or


MOLE (10+, Large Part.)
Quiet, conservative, humble.

RAT (10+, Large Part.)
Kind, always means well.

BADGER (13+, Large Part.)
Somewhat of a leader among the animals, very strong sense of honor

FIELD MICE (2, Any Age, Medium Part.)
Scared of weasels.

MR. TOAD (12+, Lead Role.)
Very conceited, given to crazes.

HOUSEKEEPER (Any Age, Medium Part.)
Works at Toad Hall.

CHIEF WEASEL (12+, Medium to Large Part.)
Nasty customer, hates Toad.

WEASELS LIEUTENANTS (4, Any Age, Medium Part.)
Lieutenants in the Weasel Gang.

WEASELS (0-4, Any Age, Small Part.)
Weasel gang members. Can be non-speaking.

NEIGHBORS (3, Any Age, Small Part.)
Neighbors of Toad, prone to gossip.

SALESPERSON (Any Age, Small Part.)
Sells cars to Toad.

NURSE (Any Age, Small Part.)
Nurse of Toad

BERTIE (Any Age, Small Part.)
Motorist, wealthy

CYNTHIA (Any Age, Small Part.)
Cousin of Bertie

RED LION OWNER (Any Age, Small Part.)
Serves delicious food.

JUDGE (Any Age, Small Part.)
Judge in the court.

CLERK (Any Age, Small Part.)
Clerk in the court.

POLICE OFFICER (Any Age, Small Part.)
Arrests Toad.

WIFE (Any Age, Small Part.)
Wife of the Prison Warden.

POLLY (Any Age, Small Part.)
Her daughter, helps Toad escape.

WASHERWOMAN (Any Age, Small Part.)
Polly’s aunt, helps Toad escape.

BARGEWOMAN (Any Age, Small Part.)
Travels the river, helps Toad escape.

FOXES (2, Any Age, Small Part.)

Download Audition Script