October 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – October 2016

October 15th, 2016, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members present (voting members in bold): Dennis Chretien, Laura Giorgianni, Kaila Rubin, Ben Stanfield, Leslie Carter, Bob Hollis, Carol Mauro

To-do list


-Write to-do lists for future meeting minutes

-Ensure people have seen emails regarding new responsibilities

-Send Communications Director guide to board


-Write up contractual agreement for borrowing tech equipment

-Look into prices of lighting trees


-Follow up with Andy about iPad for card reader


-Find new costume racks


-Contact school to ask about benches

-Dennis, Laura, Bob, Ben, Liz, Eric, Chris

-Begin work on Drop Dead files

Meeting begins - 10:26am

Executive Director
	-Communications meeting was held
		-Slack was finally adopted
		-To-do list needs to be included with board meeting minutes
	-After meeting minutes are sent out, anyone assigned a task needs to reply confirming they
        received the message and acknowledge the responsibilities included therein
		-If this is not done, Shane will follow up and contact the relevant people

Motion to institute roles and responsibilities in accordance with SMCT Roles and Responsibilities forms -

	-Drop Dead files
		-Needed for Treasurer, Education Director, Tech Director, Executive Director, Creative and
                Assistant Creative Directors, Publicity Director
			-These should be done by the January board meeting
		-Shane will send Communications Director guide to board
 	-Checkout form should be written for lending equipment, requiring name, phone number, item taken,
        when it was taken, and when it will be returned
		-Procedure for borrowing tech should be more rigorous, include email to Tech Director
			-Ben will begin writing up contractual agreement for borrowing tech
	-Database maintenance role still needs to be filled
		-Carol is willing to attempt to fill role if she receives training
			-Dennis will train her and they will begin work on the Apocalypse Now database

	-Apocalypse Now
		-Leslie knows someone who may be able to teach extras Vietnamese
		-Fog machine will be located on October 18th
			-If it cannot be located, an email will be sent around to see if anyone is storing it
	-USO Show
		-More reservations need to be sold before November 5th
			-Will be included in next newsletter
		-Event page needs to be updated
		-Auditions will be held on January 9th and 10th, callbacks on the 12th
		-Rehearsal schedule has been determined
		-Shows will be last weekend of April and first weekend of May
	-James and the Giant Peach
		-Rights need to be obtained
			-Chris is applying for these
	-Tending to Grace
		-Laurie Murphy needs to be asked about rights
	-Creative Studio
		-Editing training fell through, will be rescheduled

	-After school programs are up and running

	-New library may provide housing for Creative Studio equipment
	-Some of Paine School's benches need to be saved for seating
		-Needs to be investigated
			-Artie will take charge of this

	-LED lights will be purchased from Steve Carter
	-Lightboard is being repaired
	-Old lights will be put on eBay

	-Michelle Chretien has been going through and sorting SMCT makeup bins
		-Much of it should be thrown out, new makeup should be purchased

Motion to adjourn - Seconded/Passed

Meeting adjourned - 12:34pm