December 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – December 2016

December 10th, 2016, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members present (voting members in bold): Dennis Chretien, Laura Giorgianni, Kaila Rubin, Leslie Carter, Shane Inman, Artie Robillard, Liz Dubois, Eric Dubois, Izzi Giorgiani, Bob Hollis, Nikki Boss

To-do list


-Determine whether Ben Stanfield can take lead on resolving tech training issues

-Contact Meryn about grant requirements

-Follow-up on spending remaining money from grant

-Take lead on database renewal


-Find a third pseudo bridge builder for Rumors


-Look into potential reporting requirements on ASCAP

-Find prices on various storage units


-Look into external hard drives for Creative Studio, bring possibilities to board on 1/14


-Follow up with Andy about CAST video editing


-Have Funny for Funds cost/resources estimate by 1/14


-Look into selling old lights/equipment–is it even worth it?

10/15 to-do list follow-up

-Drop-dead files should be emailed out

-Shane will store them in the asset library

-Shane will send the Communications Director guide to board within a week or two

-Costume racks have not yet been found

-School has already dealt with benches, Artie still needs to ask if they can save a few

-Laura has created her drop-dead file, rest still need to be made

Meeting begins - 10:05am

Executive Director
	-Bridge builder position needs to be reevaluated
		-Perhaps a single board member, alternating each time, could be present each week of
                rehearsals to check in and attempt to resolve any brewing conflicts
			-Three to four people, not necessarily board members, should rotate so at least
                        one is present each week
				-Chris and Leslie will fill this role for Rumors, a third will be found

		-Audition panel has been determined
		-Script cannot be edited
	-James and the Giant Peach
		-Team has been chosen
	-Creative Studio
		-External hard drive should be purchased
		-Eric will be in charge of selecting one to bring to the board
		-CAST has reduced number of videos requested from 12 to 6

	-Funny for Funds fundraiser could be done in May
		-Specifics will be worked out by next board meeting

	-Not enough people know how to use new technology
		-Those setting it up should know how this technology works
			-Someone with technical knowledge should be present early in the production process
                        to ensure everything is being set up properly
		-Training efforts need to be expanded
	-Wires need to be measured, tested, and labeled

	-Should assistant board members be found for necessary positions?
		-Tech Director is most important position
			-Izzi will fill one assistant tech position
		-They would be non-voting members
		-Could be modeled after structure of creative team
		-Ultimate accountability would still rest with board member

	-School's new tables need to be moved somewhere for shows, but where?
		-Could a tarp be purchased so the tables could be stored outside?

Meeting adjourned - 12:50pm