January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – January 2017

January 14, 2017, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members present (voting members in bold): Laura Giorgianni, Kaila Rubin, Leslie Carter, Izzi Giorgianni, Chris Brostrup-Jensen

Meeting begins – 10:25am

To-do list

-Nikki should confirm that the country club is booked for March 24th for Follies

-Chris will take charge of exploring new storage unit option

-Chris will follow up with Liz about rights to Tending to Grace

-Laura will write up an exception contract for Izzi/Bob communication

-Dennis needs to take charge of spending remaining grant money

-Shane will ask Andy about glitch which displayed ApNo seating as sold out

-Everyone with relevant items needs to send Shane newsletter items

To-do list followup

-Shane will send Communications Director Guide within a week

-Faster responses to to-do list would be ideal

-Artie still needs to ask about remaining benches at school

-All other to-do items from previous meeting still need to be taken care of

New Business


-CT unit is closer to school, bigger, cheaper

-Could potentially leak

-Tech area would have to be sectioned off and locked

-Hours need to be checked

-Farther from Coventry/Providence/etc

-Cost of renting and fueling truck for transportation of stored materials would have to be taken into account

-Quick decision should be made in regards to new unit to avoid missing opportunity


-Thanks to the Victorian Carolers for performing at the Blackstone River Theatre

-Steven Goulet, Heather Hopkins, Walt Galloway, Dianne Du


-New members will be added to database


-People have stopped sending in newsletter items

-People need to start sending in newsletter items again

-Follies will go in next newsletter

-New Creative Studio projects will go in next newsletter



-Very few props required, props manager is needed

-Leslie may be interested

-Chloe will likely be runcrew chief

-Izzi will design lights

-Production guidelines state that communication between adult and minor is prohibited unless another adult is absent

-This rule unnecessarily inhibits communication between Bob as director and Izzi as stage manager

-Contract could be written up, to be signed by parent, to make exception for specific show

-Laura will write up and sign such an agreement for Rumors

-More research could be conducted into how other organizations handle this

-Field was supposed to be included in database so production guidelines would only have to be signed once a year (people who signed would be entered in database with date)

-It does not appear that this field has been added

-Signed production guidelines will be given to Carol

-No quorum available to vote on Creative Studio storage budget

-James and the Giant Peach

-Budget is being worked out

-Nikki plans to use school more than is typical for a summer show

-Tending to Grace

-Script needs to be reviewed

-There are questions about rights

-Maia is no longer a youth rep on account of no longer being a youth

-New youth reps should be vetted to prepare for Izzi’s departure

-Peter is an option


-Tech signout form should be edited so serial number is replaced with something simple like colors or letters (A/B/C)

Next meeting – February 11, 2017

Meeting adjourned – 11:45am