April 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – April 2017

April 8, 2017, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members present (voting members in bold): Laura Giorgianni, Kaila Rubin, Leslie Carter, Izzi Giorgianni, Chris Brostrup-Jensen, Dennis Chretien, Shane Inman, Artie Robillard

Meeting begins – 10:19am

To-do list

-Leslie will contact Laurie Murphy and Liz Dubois about setting Tending to Grace dates to allow for a scene to be used in Trinity Kickoff Party

-Needs to be done by April 22nd

To-do list follow-up

-Sold-out seating glitch was likely only due to purchase being made after box office had closed

-Chris checked on new storage unit but it had already been rented by another party

-Izzi found lighting tree prices—$40-60 for 8-10ft trees

-Dennis requested prices for 12ft trees

-Artie has not yet heard back about benches

-School has folding chairs which could be used instead, but these are uncomfortable

-Laura and Izzi have submitted and are revising their drop dead files

-All other files are still pending

New Business

-Emily Carter is interested in teaching an 18+ acting class

-Small group which meets once a week

-Emily has been teaching but aims to gain more experience

-There is concern over whether there would be enough interested parties

-Chris suggested that participants should be asked to pay a small amount ($20 or so) in order to ensure some level of investment

-Trinity Rep season announcement is not worth pursuing

-Meeting on review of Youth Protection Guidelines and Production Guidelines will take place soon

Motion to endorse Emily Carter’s acting classes (include them in newsletter, put them on website, etc.) – Seconded/Passed


-Cables have been tested, good and bad cables have been labeled

-Some bad cables apparently remain unlabeled

-Quarter-inch cables must now be measured and labeled

-First dimmer pack at Isaac Paine School is not currently working properly

-Izzi believes she knows what the issue is and will fix it


-Trinity Season Kickoff

-Sunday, September 10th from 12-8pm

-All performances will be held outside

-No sound equipment

-Performances will only be held from 12-2:30pm, entrants will be limited

-10 minutes each

-Swamp Meadow should contact them ASAP

-Will Tending to Grace be ready in time for the showcase?

-Laurie Murphy and Liz Dubois will be contacted

-Chris will be involved

-Raffle items for Old Home Days need to be determined


-USO Show

-Unclear if it can happen, Artie suggests putting it on hold until memorial day weekend in 2018


-People are still needed to help with Rumors concessions

-Leslie will come in on first week of Rumors to help with Box Office

-Izzi brought up need for SMCT to purchase a new laptop to run Q Lab for productions

-Creative Studios laptop is needed for Rumors

-It does not appear that the laptop is being used by Creative Studios currently

-Chris asked if the board as a body supports the use of the Creative Studios laptop for Rumors rehearsals

Motion that, if the Creative Studio laptop is not currently in active use, it will be given to the Rumors production team for use in the Rumors production – Withdrawn

Motion to, as soon as possible, purchase an Apple laptop with equivalent specs to the Creative Studio laptop (or improved specs adjusting for new technology) specifically for use in stage productions, so long as it costs no more than $3,500 – Seconded/Passed


-Izzi was at tech storage unit recently, and tech was piled in an unsafe and difficult-to-remove manner

-Suggested having a diagram or plan for how tech should be arranged in unit

-Date for arranging tech will be Sunday, May 21st at 11am (27 Reservoir Rd, Coventry)

-Old lights have not been posted anywhere, should be disposed of


-Put upcoming open positions in the March/April newsletter

Meeting adjourned – 12:01pm