January 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

The following text are the minutes from the SMCT Board Meeting on January 9th, 2016. Click the link below for a downloadable PDF version.

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes 9 January 2016 (public)


SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – January 2016

January 9th, 2016, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members present (voting members in bold): Dennis Chretien, Laura Giorgianni, Shane Inman, Kaila Rubin, Eric Dubois, Liz Dubois, Bob Hollis, Andy Affleck, Leslie Carter, Emily Chretien, Emily Carter, Rachel Stevens, Chris Brostrup-Jensen, Meryn Flynn

Meeting Begins – 10:05am

New Business

-Dennis will send Emily Carter information regarding SMCT cast policies for her to use during the production of Seussical

-Emily intends to add to base set of guidelines with rules regarding cell phones, safety issues, attendance, etc.

-Andy suggested using Tom Sawyer guidelines, as they have already been edited

-It will be specified that the show will be run differently to the usual SMCT fare

Executive Director

-Dennis has sent a letter to Paine School about reducing amount owed due to reduced use of school

-Letter was answered, but issue has been set aside for the time-being by administration

-Idea was floated of requesting flat rate rather than percentage fee

-Chris expressed concern that this could lead to less successful shows taking a large financial hit, but agreed that it would be worth pursuing a lower fee for the Summer shows and events such as the Halloween Dracula show


-Christmas Carol

-A person associated with Trinity saw the show and praised it very highly

-Three-weekend structure may not be best decision for all shows, but was very beneficial for CC and should remain on the table as an option for future shows

-Attendance total of 490


-Production team (producers, tech, directors, etc.) have all been determined

-Despite low numbers at auditions, Andy is confident show will be successfully cast

-Andy wants mobile set, is trying to determine how is can be safely assembled by cast

-Andy considering backing out of surround-stage setup


-Emily Carter has assembled nearly complete team, only missing a few creative people

-Production team meeting planned for Thursday (1/14) to establish direction of show

-Concern over whether or not auditions may overlap with graduations

-In terms of rehearsals, intended setup is Tuesday for music, Wednesday for choreography, Thursday for tying it all together

-Emily would like rehearsals from 5:30 or 5:45 to 9:00 to allow time for warmups

-Laura and Dennis pointed out that start time will have to be strongly emphasized

-8 or 9 buildouts will be required, tech buildout may need to be used as stage

-Andy will look into getting a quote for more adjustable 4×4 buildouts

-Same group rates as before

-USO Show

-Izzi Giorgianni has signed on to aid in production, though her exact role is as of yet unclear

-Musicians are still needed

-Creative team will be meeting within next week to determine next season

-Creative studio

-Non-cast videos are finally being made

-Members are learning how to use the technology

-Idea is still being tossed around of training in editing programs

-CAST has stated that as long as they receive 12 total videos, it is acceptable for Creative Studio to not produce one each month

-Standards and practices (censorship) needs to be considered

-There must be some disclaimer regarding quality control

-Approved projects can be placed on Creative Studio YouTube channel, rejected projects will still credit CS for equipment but will not be hosted on official SMCT channel

-Further delineation and ease of searching will be added to CAST videos by changing their titles to “CAST’S [Title]” or something similar


-50 people have signed up to attend CAST pizza party

Motion that SMCT donates money for CAST party food if needed – Seconded/Passed


-Chris expressed concern about cost of storage units

Meeting adjourned – 12:12pm