June 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – June 2017

June 16, 2017, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI


Members present (voting members in bold): Eric Dubois, Mary-Jo Chretien, Dennis Chretien, Kaila Rubin, Carol Mauro, Leslie Carter, Artie Robillard, Amelia Votta, Jayne Lear, Bob Hollis, Laura Giorgianni, Joe Giorgianni, Liz Dubois, Millie Dubois, Audrey Dubois, Sarah Lear, Evelyn Dubois, Alice Lear, Ruth Lear, Ben Stanfield, Rob LeBeau, Alicia Mancini, Louisa D’Ovidio, Shane Inman, Izzi Giorgianni, Jake Eldred, Nikki Boss, Jasper Boss, Steve Boss, James Boss

Meeting begins – 7:15pm

Motion to increase tech budget for 2017-2018 – Seconded/Passed

-New copy machine has been purchased and should be used instead of Staples for theatre-relevant documents

-Dinner theatre ticket price proposal should be increased

Motion to increase proposed dinner theatre ticket pricing to be $25 at the minimum – Seconded/Passed

Motion to accept 2017-2018 financial report as amended – Seconded/Passed


-Are dinner theatres under Productions or Events?



-Following purchase of stage tent under Community grant under expectation that town would pour cement stage for it, freshly-elected town council          overturned approval of cement stage and has disavowed all ownership of the tent and related responsibility

-There is a contract which states that the town does own the tent, and this will be brought to the council’s attention


-Shows were varied and successful overall, in spite of varying attendance

James and the Giant Peach has begun production

 Tending to Grace, the fall show, will be minimalist, few/no props

-Will be displayed at Trinity Kickoff Showcase

-Dessert theatre will likely be another “Abridged” show, probably American History Abridged

-Spring show will be You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

-Many production team slots are available, let Bob know if interested

-Creative Studio has been largely dormant, efforts will be made to revive

-Amelia Votta will take lead on fulfilling obligation to CAST to produce short films and skits based on their stated values

-Contact Amelia via email if interested


-Bob is looking for people interested in running and participating in workshops of all sorts

-Youth Reps/Teen Troupe still virtually non-existent


-This year’s OHD will not be a ten-year anniversary event as initially suggested

-Leslie Carter will supply a long-awaited Dracula shirt for OHD booth

-Nikki will put together free raffle and booth activities


-No bridge-builder for Peach

-Not needed


-Send newsletter itemsssss

Director at Large

-Several Sundays (2-4:30pm) are still reserved at the Benjamin Eddy Building as leftovers from the cancelled acting class

-Anyone who wishes to use these should let Artie know before he cancels them


-Executive Director (currently Dennis Chretien)

-Candidates: Nikki Boss, Kaila Rubin, Audrey Dubois

-New elect: Audrey Dubois

-Finance Director (currently Laura Giorgianni)

-Laura has replacement in mind who can shadow her over next few months and assume position afterwards

-Steve Boss is fallback if this does not work out

-Creative Director (currently Chris Brostrup-Jensen)

-Candidates: Liz Dubois

-New elect: Liz Dubois

-Communications Director (currently Shane Inman)

-Candidates: Mary-Jo Chretien, Michelle Chretien

-New elect: Mary-Jo Chretien

-Public Relations (currently Eric Dubois)

-Candidates: Alicia Mancini, Amelia Votta

-New elect: Alicia Mancini

-Tech and Facilities (currently Ben Stanfield)

-Candidates: Ben Stanfield, Jake Eldred, Dennis Chretien

-New elect: Dennis Chretien

-Membership Director

-Candidates: Jayne Lear

-New elect: Jayne Lear

-Asst. Director of Fundraising (currently Meryn Flynn)

-Candidates: Meryn Flynn

-New elect: Meryn Flynn

-Asst. Creative Director of Productions (currently Liz Dubois)

-Candidates: Rob LeBeau

-New elect: Rob LeBeau

-Asst Creative Director of Events (currently Nikki Boss)

-Candidates: Audrey Dubois

-New elect: Bob Hollis

-Education Director (currently Bob Hollis)

-Candidates: Nikki Boss

-New elect: Nikki Boss

-Director at Large (currently Artie Robillard)

-Candidates: Artie Robillard

-New elect: Artie Robillard

Motion to accept new board positions as voted upon – Seconded/Passed

Meeting adjourned – 9:15pm