Auditions for M*A*S*H



(Genders and ages are apparent. Anyone may audition for any role if they think they can pull it off. Line counts are approximate)

  • CAPTAIN BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PIERCE (HAWKEYE) (140 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Chief Surgeon of the 4077th; Draftee who doesn’t want to be in Korea at all but has no choice. Has decided that the best way to get through it is to have as much fun in the face of horror as possible.
  • CAPTAIN AUGUSTUS BEDFORD FORREST (DUKE) (110 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Draftee Doctor with the same attitude as Hawkeye but is more of a Southern Charmer.
  • COLONEL HENRY BRAYMORE BLAKE (100 lines, Male, Age 30+) – Commander of the 4077th. A bit of a pushover and lets the Doctors get away with their shenanigans, much to the chagrin of some…
  • MAJOR MARGARET HOULIHAN (90 lines, Female, Age 30+) – Regular army and Chief Nurse. Margaret, like Frank, wishes the 4077th was more proper military and, for a while, she finds a kindred spirit in Frank, until he drives her away with is craziness. She has a reputation for being a bit friendly with certain generals in the past.
  • MAJOR FRANK BURNS (70 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Regular army doctor of questionable skill. Sanctimonious, pompous, and hates that the 4077th is not running at peak military efficiency. He’s also somewhat unstable.
  • CORPORAL WALTER O’REILLY (RADAR) (70 lines, Male, Age 16-20) – A young kid, possibly even younger than he should be. Radar has the uncanny ability to hear things no one else can and to anticipate what people are going to say before they say it.
  • CAPTAIN BRIDGET MCCARTHY (60 lines, Female, Age 18+) – Nurse, kind to the other nurses and supportive. Defends their way of doing things to Margaret’s criticism.
  • CAPTAIN JOHN McINTYRE (TRAPPER JOHN) (55 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Draftee Doctor that once faced off against Hawkeye in a college football game when their schools met. They may not be aold friends, but that shared history lets them become fast friends when they meet.
  • CAPTAIN JOHN BLACK (UGLY) (55 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Doctor. In a relationship with Janice. Co-planner of the dance.
  • JANICE FURY (53 lines, Female, Age 18+) – Nurse, in a relationship with Ugly. Co-planner of the dance.
  • CAPTAIN WALTER WALDOWSKI (WALT) (45 lines, Male, Age 25+) – The camp dentist and owner and purveyor of the 24 hour Poker game in his tent. Suffers from serious bouts of depression on a regular basis.
  • NANCY PHILLIPS (40 lines, Female, Age 18+) – Younger, less experienced nurse. Is blamed (unfairly) for the death of a patient and reacts very badly to the cruel criticism.
  • SERGEANT DEVINE (32 lines, Male, Age 18+) – Works in the Mess Tent and is a con man always trying to sucker people in his scams.
  • LOUISE KIMBLE (25 lines, Female, Age 18+) – Nurse
  • HO-JON (25 lines, Male, Age 16-20) – A Korean boy who is the Tent-Boy for the Doctors in the Swamp. He does their laundry and cleans for them. Later, Hawkeye tries to get him into Medical School in the States.
  • GENERAL HAMILTON HARTINGTON HAMMOND (20 lines, Male, Age 40+) – Regular Army General. A blowhard. Is in charge of all M*A*S*H units along the front lines.
  • FATHER JOHN PATRICK MULCAHY (20 lines, Male, Age 25+) – Camp Chaplain (supports all denominations). A kind-hearted person who will always help people.
  • CORPORAL MAX KLINGER (15 lines, Male, Age 20+) – Klinger is doing anything he can to get sent home on a psychiatric discharge. His main approach is to dress in women’s clothes. Must look great in heels carrying a rifle.
  • MITZI, FRTTZI and AGNES (15-20 lines each, Females, Age 18) – Three USO performers of questionable talent. Speak in exaggerated little girl voices with strong New Jersey accents.
  • MAJOR RUTH HASKELL (15 lines, Female, Age 30+) – Psychiatrist at the Evac station with Jones.
  • DEAN MERCY LODGE (10 lines, Female, Age 40+, may double up with Congresswoman Goldfarb) – Dean of Hawkeye’s alma mater.
  • MISS RANDAZZLE (8 lines, Female, Age 20+) – Lodge’s Secretary.
  • CAPTAIN OLIVER WENDELL JONES (7 lines, Male, Age 22+) – A college football star who is a neurosurgeon working incognito at a nearby front-line medical evac station. Hawkeye knows him and gets him brought to the 4077th.
  • CONGRESSWOMAN GOLDFARB (6 lines, Female, Age 40+, may double up with Dean Lodge) – On a Korean tour. Not many lines but needs to have a really great scream.
  • CONNIE LIEBOWTTZ (4 lines, Female, Age 22+, may double up with another nurse) – Nurse at the Evac station with Jones.
  • KOREAN WOMEN (Female, any age, may double up with other roles if possible/necessary) – 1-3 women from the nearby village.
  • I.’s, Koreans, Medical Personnel, Patients (Any gender, Age 16+, may double up with other roles if possible/necessary)
  • Someone (either a non-lead part above or someone else who can double as one of the GIs, Koreans, Patients, etc.) who can play guitar and sing.

Korean roles may be played by anybody. We will use a combination of costumes and accents to denote ethnicity in as respectful a way as is possible.

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Additional help

We are also looking for help with tech, backstage, hospitality and more.

Auditions are January 7 (6-9pm) and 9 (1-4pm), 2016 at the Woody Lowden Recreation Center. Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays and performances are scheduled for April 8-10 and 15-17, 2016.