Rock of Ages: Youth Edition Auditions

Swamp Meadow Community Theatre is seeking young performers from ages 6 to 16 to audition for our Summer 2022 Children’s show, Rock of Ages: Youth Edition.


Auditions will be held on June 7th and 8th from 6pm-9pm.

Location: Assembly Theater: 26 East Ave, Harrisville, RI


Please prepare a 1-2 minute (32 bars) song from a musical or 80s rock song. (Maybe sing your parent’s favorite song!) If you have an actor’s resume/headshot, please bring a copy. Reference photos may be taken if a headshot is not provided. Be prepared for cold readings from the script. Proper footwear and clothing for movement is necessary.

Rehearsals and Performances

Rehearsals will begin June 14th and will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-9pm. Rehearsals will mainly be held at Laurel Grange (351 Snake Hill Rd, North Scituate, RI, 02857).  Every actor may not be called to every rehearsal. A clear rehearsal schedule will be provided after casting.

Tech week will run from Saturday, August 27th to Thursday, September 1st. Performance dates are September 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Call time for actors will be at 5:30pm on Friday and Saturday, and 12:30pm on Sunday. Tech week and performances will be held at The Assembly Theater (26 East Ave Harrisville, RI). 

Please note tech week rehearsals and performance dates are mandatory for cast members. Any rehearsal, tech week, or performance conflicts must be disclosed to production staff at auditions.

About the show

This production will be directed by Audrey Dubois, Shannon McCloud, Drake Lowe, and Maia Malo, with music direction by Cate Hackett.

We are seeking, encouraging and accepting actors between the ages of 6-16 of all backgrounds and abilities to audition.

There is no fee to participate in this production. If cast, actors will be encouraged to collect playbill ads or help create or donate props, costumes, sets, etc. While this is encouraged and greatly helps the production succeed, it is not required to participate.

COVID-19 Information

Throughout the production, all COVID-19 precautions and developments will be monitored and followed, and we will be in adherence and following the lead of the health and safety guidelines set by the major theaters in Rhode Island, including Trinity Rep . In the event the production’s timeline is directly affected, we will pivot and plan for future dates. All actors are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and will be required to show the production team a copy of their vaccination card. We are planning for actors to be unmasked for performances, but again, we will follow health guidelines based upon what they may be at that time. Guidelines subject to change.


Any actor of any age or gender may audition for any role, regardless of description or vocal part listed. 

Lonny Barnett: The show’s omnipotent narrator who often addresses the audience directly. Lonny is a charming and funny guy who gets along with everyone, and is also the secondary male lead. Looking for an unflappable, magnetic performer with a strong tenor voice, solid acting skills, and great comedic instincts. The actor should also pair well with Dennis so the comedy of their bromance is clear to the audience.

Drew Boley: Is “just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit” who moved to L.A. to rock. However, every rocker has to do his time, so Drew works to make rent. Drew is a nice guy with big dreams. He is a sweet, charming performer with a clear tenor voice, but still fits the bill as a rocker. He and Sherri should have good onstage chemistry. 

Sherri Christian: The female romantic lead, Sherri is a sweet, small-town girl who moves to the big city to pursue a brighter future. Sherri hopes to get her big break in the acting business despite her parents’ disapproval. She has a pleasant singing voice, and is a bit of an ingenue. She should pair well with Drew. 

Dennis Dupree: The owner of the Dupree Room. He’s a bit older than the others, and a little burnt out on the party scene. Dennis should pair flawlessly with Lonny as the other half of the bromance and have a big stage presence.

Hilda Klinemann: A German real estate developer aiming to turn the Sunset Strip into a strip mall. Hilda won’t take no for an answer from anyone, including her browbeaten son, Franz. Looking for a performer with a strong speaking and singing voice who can make bold acting choices.

Franz Klinemann: The son of the overbearing Hilda, and he dreams of running a confectionary shop back in Hamburg, Germany. He’s sweet at heart, but constantly under the thumb of his controlling mom. Looking for solid comedic acting skills.

Regina: The mayor’s right-hand woman. She is a rock ‘n’ roll fan, and a revolutionary who leads the charge to save the Dupree Room. Looking for a confident performer with unshakable vocals and a stage presence that’s impossible to ignore.

Stacee Jaxx: The comedic villain of the show, a bona fide rock star who doesn’t quite realize that he’s reached the peak of his career. His self-absorbed antics are beginning to wear thin on those around him, especially his band. Stacee Jaxx should be a charismatic vocalist and actor who takes command of the stage and isn’t afraid to be silly. 

Justice Charlier: The owner of a business on the Sunset Strip. She’s a smart woman who looks out for her staff. Justice should have a warm stage presence, a nurturing parental streak, and strong vocals. 

Constance Sack: An inquisitive reporter who interviews Stacee Jaxx just as he’s about to part ways with his band. Looking for high energy and solid character acting skills. The performer playing Constance will also have ensemble roles. 

Ja’Keith Gill: Becomes Drew’s agent and in the process, destroys Drew’s rock star dreams by forcing Drew to join a boy band. The performer playing Ja’Keith will also have ensemble roles. 

Ensemble: We’re looking for a strong ensemble cast of versatile performers. Each member of the ensemble will be playing multiple parts each (protesters, groupies, fans, backup dancers, Sherri’s parents, the band… and more!) If you are cast in the ensemble, you will have as much stage time and songs as the leads. 

Featured ensemble roles include: Pre-Show Announcer, Girl, The Band (Lead Guitarist, Guitarist, Bass, Piano and Drums), Mother, Father, Mayor, Tom, Jerry, Mugger, Waitresses, Protesters, Groupies, Fans, Crowd, and Shadows of the Night.

Forward any production-related questions to or

  • Dates & Times

  • June 7, 2022 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Assembly Theater
  • June 8, 2022 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Assembly Theater