Noises Off! Auditions

*LOCATION CHANGE* Wednesday August 10th Auditions are being moved to the American Legion Hall, 103 Harrisville Main Street, Harrisville, RI (Across the Street from Lil’ General/accessible from Burrillville Town Hall parking lot)

The Swamp Meadow Community Theatre is excited to announce auditions for our Fall 2022 show, Noises Off!

Auditions will be held on August 9th and 10th from 6pm-9pm

Audition Location Assembly Theatre : 26 East Ave, Harrisville, RI on August 9th and the American Legion Hall :103 Harrisville Main Street, Harrisville, RI on August 10th.


Please prepare and memorize a 2-3 minute comedic monologue from a play. While not required, it is suggested that the monologue exhibits your physicality and energy as a performer. If you have an actor’s resume/head shot, please bring a copy (letter paper suffices). Reference photos may be taken if a headshot is not provided. Be prepared for cold readings from the script. Proper footwear and clothing for movement is necessary. If callbacks are needed, they will be held on Thursday August 11th at 6pm at the Laurel Grange.


Rehearsals will begin August 16th and will be on Tuesday/Thursday from 6pm-9pm

Rehearsals will mainly be held at Laurel Grange : 351 Snake Hill Rd, North Scituate, RI 02857  

Every actor may not be called to every rehearsal. A clear rehearsal schedule will be provided after casting.

Tech Week/Performance Dates:

Tech week will run from Saturday, November 12th -Thursday, November 17th. Call time will be 5:30pm on weekdays for tech week. Call time for Tech weekends is TBD

Performance dates: November 18th, 19th, 20th. Call time for actors will be at 5 pm and 12pm.

Tech week and performances will be held at The Assembly Theatre : 26 East Ave Harrisville, RI

Please note tech week rehearsals and performance dates are mandatory for cast members. Any rehearsal, tech week, or performance conflicts must be disclosed to production staff upon auditioning.

This production will be directed by Tyler H Vigeant and stage managed by Cate Hackett.

We are seeking, encouraging and accepting actors of all backgrounds and abilities to audition.

There is no fee to participate in this production. If cast, actors will be encouraged to collect playbill ads or help create or donate props, costumes, sets and etc. While this is encouraged and greatly helps the production succeed, it is not required to participate.

COVID-19 Information

Throughout the production, all COVID-19 precautions and developments will be monitored and followed, and we will be in adherence and following the lead of the health and safety guidelines set by the major theaters in Rhode Island, including Trinity Rep . In the event the production’s timeline is directly affected, we will pivot and plan for future dates. All actors are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and will be required to show the production team a copy of their vaccination card. We are planning for actors to be unmasked for performances, but again, we will follow health guidelines based upon what they may be at that time. Guidelines subject to change.

Content Warning : Several of the characters in the show either kiss, physically touch or appear in their underwear (including lingerie)

All roles listed available for casting:

Dotty Otley (Mrs Clackett) : (F) Age 45 – 70 A seasoned Actor, Dotty has experience out the wazoo, but her patience is wearing thin with the cast and crew of Nothing On, a show she is personally financing. Is in a secret relationship with Garry and is very jealous of his wandering eyes.  

Lloyd Dallas : (M) Age 40-65 The exasperated director of Nothing On. Has another play to direct after this one and would like nothing more than to abandon the play and let the actors kill each other, but does not want to effect his reputation. Part of a love triangle between Brooke and Poppy.

Garry Lejeune (Roger): (M) Age 25-40 While a pretty good actor onstage, Garry can hardly form a complete sentence without trailing of. Wishy-Washy and a bit of a hot-head, Garry is in a relationship with the older Dotty, who he is very jealous of her wandering eyes.

Brooke Ashton (Vicki): (F) Age 18-30 Generally unfocused and a bit of a ditz, Brooke has the least experience out of the entire cast and her acting proves it. Part of a love triangle with Lloyd.

Poppy Norton – Taylor : (F) Age 25-40 The timid assistant Stage Manager under Tim, steps up to take over when things go wrong. Part of a love triangle with Lloyd.

Frederick Fellowes (Phillip): (M) Age 35 – 50 Good natured but dim, Frederick is a competent actor. He cannot stand violence and seeing it will trigger his nose bleeds.

Belinda Blair (Flavia): (F) Age 35 – 50 Generally good tempered and sweet, Belinda defaults to being the mediator between her cast-mates antics. She is a solid thespian.

Tim Allgood : (M) Age 25-45 The overworked Stage Manager for Nothing On. Has been up consistently for 48 hours building the set. Though he is exhausted, he will still run errands for Lloyd.

Selsdon Mowbray (The Burglar): (M) Age 60-85 An aging alcoholic actor. Is a determinate to the cast and they consistently need to stop him from running off and drinking.  

Forward any production-related questions to

  • Dates & Times

  • August 9, 2022 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Assembly Theater
  • August 10, 2022 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Assembly Theater