Auditions for “Lessons of Legend”

Our summer show will consist of two short plays. Auditions will take place on June 4 and 6 at 6-8pm at Captain Isaac Paine School. Children between the ages of 6 through 16 are invited to audition for one or both of these two one-act plays.

Ice Wolf, by Joanna H. Kraus
Based on an Inuit folk tale, this story follows Anatou, a girl born with pale skin, blue eyes and white hair. Her differences lead her to be persecuted by her community, until she decides that maybe it would be better to be a wolf than a human. 

Cast size: 15-20
STORYTELLER, 10 lines, narrator of events. Poetic. Crafts an environment with their words. 
ANATOU, 100 lines, a girl born with unusually white hair, outcast by other Inuits. Portrays a large range of emotions, from scared to sad to enraged. 
KARVIK, 15 lines, Anatou’s father, willing to defend his daughter. 
ARNARQIK, 20 lines, Anatou’s mother, kind and nurturing. May include some singing. 
TARTO, 50 lines, a boy around Anatou’s age, her best friend. The only one who is kind to Anatou besides her parents.
KIVIOG, 45 lines, Tarto’s father. Convinced that Anatou is bad luck.
ATATA, 15 lines, an old man, an elder in the community. 
SHIKIKANAQ, 15 lines, a young girl, friends with Tarto. Naive, distrusts Anatou because everyone else does. 
MOTOMIAK, 15 lines, a young boy, friends with Tarto. Also considers Anatou a sign of bad luck.
VILLAGER 1 & 2, 30 lines each, a Greek Chorus for the events of the village, showing the mindset of the community in general. 
WOOD GOD, 50 lines, a god of the forest. Stoic, commanding, powerful air, but still gentle. 
BEAVER, FOX, & ERMINE: Woodland creatures who serve under the Wood God and give advice to Anatou as a wolf. Fox: 20 lines, Beaver: 15 lines, Ermine: 5 lines.

Under the Mystic Sea, by Anna Maria Trusky
This comedic play follows Oliver and Carrie, two human siblings who accidentally end up at the bottom of the sea during a family boat trip. They meet all types of ocean creatures along the way back home. 

Cast size: 14-20
OLIVER, 90 lines, human boy
CARRIE, 90 lines, human girl
JULIA, 20 lines, their mother
GREG, 10 lines, their father 
SPLASH, 1 line, a harbor seal. Potentially a singing role. Double cast with SEAL OF APPROVAL.
LUCKY, 95 lines, horseshoe crab. Oldest and wisest animal in the sea. 
NOVA, 40 lines, starfish. An absolute diva and drama queen. 
CAL AMARI, 40 lines, squid. Comical Italian accent a plus. 
SWIMMERET, 30 lines, baby lobster. Youngest animal, cutesy speech cries often. 
FILET O. SOLE, 25 lines, a sole. Singing role, sings soul music (but not very well). 
CHOPPERS, 15 lines, a shark. The bully of the ocean. New York tough guy accent.
ROCKY, 20 lines, a remora. Sidekick to Choppers. New York accent.
BIG MEAN HERMIT CRAB/BOOMING VOICE/CRABBY HERMIT/GRANDPA. 40 lines, Very grumpy and old, secretly has a heart of gold.
SEAL OF APPROVAL, 15 lines, grey seal. Magical, queenly, benevolent. Potentially singing role. Double cast with SPLASH.

If you would like to prepare for auditions, read the following pages. No preparation or memorization is necessary.

Anatou: 24-25, 34-35, 37 (anger), 42 (fear), 46-47 (sadness)
Wood God: 28-29, 42 (anger), 46-47
Tarto: 24-25. 46-47
Fox, Beaver, Ermine: 33
Karvik and Anarqik: 12-14
Storyteller: 7, 27
Villagers and Kiviog: 12-14, 39-40, 46-47
Atata: 39-40
Shikikanaq and Motomiak: 16-19

Oliver and Carrie: 2-3, 5
Splash/Seal of Approval: 4, 36
Lucky: 7
Nova: 11
Cal Amari: 13-14
Swimmeret: 18-19
Filet O Sole: 21-22
Choppers and Rocky: 23, 25
Crabby Hermit/Booming Voice: 31-32, 36, 40
Julia and Greg: 2-3, 40

  • Dates & Times

  • June 4, 2019 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Captain Isaac Paine Auditorium
  • June 6, 2019 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Captain Isaac Paine Auditorium