Auditions for James and the Giant Peach

Join Swamp Meadow this summer as we adventure across the Atlantic ocean with a boy named James, his insect friends, and a giant peach. What mystery awaits? What adventures will unfold? How in the world do a boy, enormous talking insects, and a giant peach travel across the ocean in the first place? Only one way to find out: see the show this summer!

Children ages 6 to 16 are welcome to audition. Please let us know, at auditions, if you are a musician, dancer/gymnast, or have any special talents.

Tuesday, May 16, 6 – 8  and Saturday, May 20, 11 – 4, at Woody Lowden
See cast list below and download the audition script (PDF).

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings starting in June

Show dates:
August 2 – 6, 2017

Cast List

Ensemble – Any age, any gender. The ensemble is the most important aspect to make this this show visually appealing and draw the audience in during certain scenes. Ensemble members are on stage in nearly every scene as: tourists, Giant Peach seekers, Cloud-Men, passengers, onlookers, seagulls, sharks, and the final scene. The ensemble will perform 3 dances. It is important that the ensemble members are able to act well with their expressions and movement in this production.

Mother – 12+ female, approx. 5 lines, a frantic character who opens the show and is quickly run over by a rhino. This character will double in the ensemble.

Father – 12+ male, approx. 4 lines, a frantic character who opens the show and is quickly run over by a rhino. This character will double in the ensemble

Narrators – Any age, any gender, between 2 and 4 narrators will be cast, depending on auditions. The narrators remain on stage for the duration of the play.

Aunt Sponge – 13+ female, approx. 29 lines. Sponge is a mean, unlikable character, but also funny to watch and fun to play.

Aunt Spiker  — 13+ female, approx. 29 lines, another unlikeable character! Mean to James and a greedy woman, but funny and entertaining to watch.

James Trotter – ages 8-12, any gender, but playing role of a male. Approx. 68 lines. James is the hero of this play — an energetic, plucky, lovable boy.

Little Old Men (2) – Any age, any gender, playing role of male. approx. 15 lines each. Mysterious and magical. The little old men give James a way to escape his miserable life.

Old-Green-Grasshopper – 13+ male, approx. 44 lines. A wise peacemaker, the center of the group and a father figure to James.

Silkworm – 8+, any gender, approx. 11 lines, lots of stage time. Silkworm saves the day by helping make string to get the peach flying into the air.

Centipede – 13+, any gender, playing the role as male, approx. 62 lines. Centipede is a pest and proud of it! Centipede is lively and full of mischief, breaking into song and dance every now and again throughout the show.

Spider – 13+ female, approx. 41 lines. Slightly snarky, but good at heart. Spider knows she is an often-unloved bug and resents Centipede for being such a pest!

Ladybug – 12+ female, approx. 43 lines. Ladybug is a sort-of mother figure to James. Very kind and supportive, seeking to keep peace and love at the center of the group. Ladybug is a bit of a fashionista!

Earthworm – 13+, any gender, approx. 60 lines. Earthworm is a great big worrywart, full of anxiety and always imagining the worst of every situation.

Glow-worm— Any age, any gender, approx. 23 lines. Glowworm is very sweet and adorable. Glowworm is sleepy all the time, often sleeping on stage only to wake up, stretch, and fall back asleep.

Captain – 12+, any gender, approx. 8 lines. (will double in ensemble) The Captain is frantic and in complete disbelief as he watches a giant peach trail across the sky.

First Officer – 10+, any gender, approx. 6 lines. (will double in ensemble) Stern, commanding, and very concerned about the way Captain is acting.

Second Officer – 10+, any gender, approx. 6 lines. (will double in ensemble) Obedient, concerned about Captain, and ready to listen to the First Officer.

  • Dates & Times

  • May 16, 2017 Woody Lowden Recreation Center
  • May 20, 2017 Woody Lowden Recreation Center