Tyler Vigeant

Originally posted in Foster Home Journal

This month we invited one of our members to share their experiences with SMCT. Meet actor/director Tyler Vigeant, in his own words…

“I first started acting with Swamp Meadow Community Theatre back in Summer 2009 at the age of 14, during the Summer Children’s production of “Macbeth”. I played a parody of Mike Myers’s SNL character Wayne of ” Wayne’s World”. There was nowhere to go but up after that! The one thing that always kept me coming back is that raw creativity and oddness that no other theatre company I’ve been with has been able to replicate like Swamp Meadow does. The “down to earth”-ness of everyone in Swamp Meadow stems from how open and welcoming the company generally is to everyone. Those people who have large egos either don’t stay for very long or are overwhelmingly outnumbered by the amount of great people who are there just for the fun of live theatre. Not to mention the vast array of different plays that we do is unlike most I’ve ever seen. You can always expect Swamp Meadow to have some production in the works that no other theatre is doing. With this company, I have been Mr. Toad, a court jester, a Shakespearian misfit, Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger from M*A*S*H (Yes, the dresses were beautiful), as well as many other colorful characters, and I hope to be many more.

For the upcoming season, I am pleased to occupy the Director’s chair for Swamp Meadow: Unplugged presents “The Trail to Oregon”, with performances planned for mid-August 2020. This is a show intended for mature audiences, and auditions are for ages 17+. Please see our website and Facebook pages for more details. We are gladly accepting audition videos until May 2nd. We look forward to entertaining you soon! Come on out and support YOUR local theatre!”