Foster Follies

Top hat, cane, and white gloves

The Foster Follies is set for Apr 1, 7 PM, at the Foster Country Club, 67 Johnson Road Foster, RI, and has its entertainment schedule with 20 acts from our community singing, dancing, performing improvisational/comedy, monologue’s plus musical skits. It is a fantastic family fun night that is in its Fourth season and everyone always returns for more. Admission Prices: $15 (adults) $10 (students/seniors 65+) $50 (family max) for information and reservations: 401-397-4740

SMCT is proud to present the extremely talented Follies All Stars.

Act 1

  1. Meryn Flynn (soloist)
  2. Dulcimer’s N More (folk & traditional music)
  3. Jack & Erin Cabral (acoustic duo)
  4. Chris Brostup-Jensen & Jake Wolf-Jensen (comedy skit)
  5. Mary Arnold (vocalist)
  6. Michael Paolucci (keyboard)
  7. Emily & Steve Carter (acoustic duo)
  8. Footloose (musical skit)

Act 2

  1. Lena Craig (vocalist)
  2. Nicest Kids in Town (musical skit from Hairspray)
  3. Katie Lewis (vocalist)
  4. Rocky Riccio (country singer)
  5. Elijah Fontenault (keyboard soloist)
  6. Gary & Kyle Pickard (comedy skit)
  7. LaDelle Arnold (soloist)
  8. Preston Arnold (soloist)
  9. Melodie Fontenault (soloist)
  10. Lena Craig (dance)
  11. Emerald City Band – Finale