Cyrano de Bergerac: In Space! Episode 3: A Nose By Any Other Name

Two become one as Cyrano and Christian’s plan to woo Roxane comes to fuition! Could the Panion really have survived?!?!…

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52 Minutes, 75 MB

Sound Effects

The sound effects used in this episode mostly come from or come with GarageBand for Mac. The ones under a Creative Commons license that requires attribution are listed here (note, consult earlier episodes for sounds that may have been reused in this episode):


  • Je Suis Pocharde by Yvette Guilbert (Listen on YouTube)
  • Commander de Guerre: words and music by Ligniere with help from at least half a bottle of rather expensive port. Performance by Ligniere. Likely using the other half of that same bottle.
  • All other music composed and performed by Andy Affleck