Coventry Heritage Days Cemetery Tour

Call for actors/actresses

On Saturday, September 28, 2013. The Poine House in Western Coventry is having a Heritage Day Celebration with a cemetery tours and live “visitors from beyond the grave”.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR PERIOD ACTORS WHO WOULD LIKE TO SPEND FROM 9-1 or 12-4 or 9-4. You would share a 3 minute presentation, then be available for a brief question and answer period. (There would be a historical docent there to help with any questions that are beyond your preparation.

The Potential Characters Are:


Sarah Brayton – (any age girl or woman) she was born in the Paine House when it was the Brayton Tavern on Braytonville. She will meet people at the beginning of the tour and talk about what life was like growing up in a post revolutionary time period Tavern.

We could also use a couple of other Actors (any age or gender) who grew up and/or worked at the Taverns, Inns, etc that were part of the Paine House History to perform in the House itself,


Sherman Read or wife (14+ either gender) – an entrepreneur who sold the property to the Railroad to build the path that we are going to follow. He will lead people from the house to the cemetery telling them stories of late 1800’s Coventry


Elisha Watson or His wife Parmella (14+ either gender)- A Civil War Volunteer who was captured and spent time as a Prisoner of War. Or His wife who will tell his story

Annie Kilton (12+ woman) – She was a Poet and Historian, She will tell stories (from the late 1700’s – the early 1900’s of her Great Grandfather who was one of the leaders of the burning of the Gaspee, Her Father = who was a Textile Businessman in town, and she will read her poem about the Knotty Oak.

Dr Franklin Bailey Smith or his wife Evangeline – (14+ man or woman) – will tell stories about coming from Georgia and settling in RI. serving as a doctor, organizing the Kent County Medical Society, Keeping Modern in his practice and techniques, and his work as a prohibitionist and in support of the temperance society.

Herman Read or his wife H Maude Gorton (14+ man or worman) – who will tell the story of undertaker and furniture mogul Byron Read and share the transition to the Gorton Funeral Home


Sherman Read will continue the tour across the street where the preservation people will share their reconstruction projects.

Research and scripts will be provided. We will help with costuming. Most preparation will be individual. We will meet once at the cemetery during the week of the Tour to see the spots and go over your presentations.,

If you are interested, please contact Bob Hollis – or 440-7831 as soon as possible.