Actors Needed for Foster Cemetery Tours

The Foster Preservation Society is having a Cemetery Tour of some of Foster’s historic Cemeteries on September 29, 2012 from 9 – 3. They have asked Swamp Meadow to come up with actors who would like to provide first person stories in the cemeteries… (half Scripted acting, half impromptu)

We are looking for 6 all day (6 hours) actors or 12 half day (3 hours) actors, a Director or two, some support staff and researchers for:

  • A Revolutionary War Patriot (or his widowed family)
  • The Woman who loved her Cadillac so much that she was buried in it!
  • Either a Civil War Vet or the Spirit of a Native American whose grave was disturbed and re-interred here
  • Someone from the 1800’s who can also tell the story of the Ram’s Tail Ghost
  • Roger Williams or a Relative of Roger Williams
  • 1920’s bootlegger or family member.

Please contact Bob Hollis (401) 397-4740 or as soon as you are able if you are interested in this project!

2 thoughts on “Actors Needed for Foster Cemetery Tours

  1. You need people who know the legends of Foster Ghosts and can give you the real story not the made up ones. Actors who tell the real story would do well. We have been on channel 36 and other stations with the stories. Others in town know them.

  2. Your forgetting H.P. Lovecraft, who’s mother was a Phillips from Moosup Valley. This town is full of good stories, like Gold miners who walk the Moosup Valley Road.

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