March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

The following text are the minutes from the SMCT Board Meeting on March 12, 2016. Click the link below for a downloadable PDF version.

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes 12 March 2016 (public)


SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – March 2016

March 12th, 2016, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members present (voting members in bold): Dennis Chretien, Shane Inman, Eric Dubois, Artie Robillard, Bob Hollis, Kaila Rubin, Nikki Boss, Rachel Stevens

Meeting Begins – 10:06am

Executive Director

-Production Guidelines form has been rearranged in accordance with decisions made at previous board meeting

-Eric mentioned that requiring three separate pages of signatures may confuse people

-Dennis will include Youth Protection Guidelines with Production Guidelines so all signatures can be found on one page

-Date for next policy meeting must be set

-Further information is pending on negotiations with Paine School regarding summer and Halloween shows, Laura Giorgianni may have additional knowledge

-When lending props/sets, someone should be in charge of determining fee/donation request


-M*A*S*H is in very good shape, estimated to be roughly two weeks ahead of schedule

-Decision regarding backdrops must be made, Andy will be consulted

-Seussical auditions will be held May 31st and June 1st from 6-8pm, callbacks June 7th 6-9pm

-USO Show

-Music has been obtained

-Artie hopes to use a synthesizer for instrumental parts and have Izzi Giorgianni control the timing

-Cost of purchasing or renting synthesizer will have to be investigated

-Creative Studio

-Possible new talent has been contacted

-Bob requested some form of training in editing software, will likely have to wait until M*A*S*H has concluded

-Filming of current CAST production must be completed

-After-school programs have not gotten off the ground


-Follies are looking good, solid number of people have auditioned

-Raffle is still planned, but more involved events such as auction will be forgone

-Closing band will likely be cut

-Artie needs list of performers by Thursday the 17th

-No new information on Trinity event, deadline will have to be located

-Presence in Ancients and Horribles parade would be good, but Nikki will not be available

-Neither Bob nor Carol will be available for Foster Old Home Days

-Nikki will fill in as MC for Idol

-Someone is still needed to coordinate booth setup

Public Relations

-Communication regarding ads for M*A*S*H needs to be improved

-New website is working very well

-New mailing host has positives and negatives

-Mailing list limit can potentially be overcome with services such as Google Groups

-Asset library needs to be organized, but this is not an urgent concern

-Snapchat filter localized on Paine School could be easily created


-Waiting to hear back from Paine School regarding fire inspection

-Concerns over wiring remain unresolved but are likely unfounded

-List of storage items which are intended to be sold should be made up for placement in Foster Home Journal


-Test newsletters are not reaching new mailing list, problem will be investigated

Meeting adjourned – 11:39am