January 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

The following text are the minutes from the SMCT Board Meeting on January 24, 2015. Click the link below for a downloadable PDF version.

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes January 2015 public


SMCT Meeting Minutes January 2015

January 24, 2015


Benjamin Eddy Building

Foster, RI


Members present (bolded members are voting members): Heather Christie, Dennis Chretien, Liz Dubois, Eric Dubois, MaryJo Chretien, Laura Giorgianni, Chris Brostrup-Jensen, Michelle Chretien, Carol Mauro, Steve Carter


  • 2015-16 season
    • Summer 2015 – Tom Sawyer – Director still in discussion
      • August 12-16
    • Unplugged – the Bear and the Proposal
      • Perform in August, Chris Brostrup-Jensen most likely directing
    • Fall Dinner Theatre
      • WW2 USO show
      • October/TBD
      • Ponaganset Reads Across America show happens in early December or late November, so we will talk to them to possibly connect
    • Winter 2015
      • Christmas Carol – Chris Brostrup-Jensen directing
      • Dec 4-6, 11-13, 18-20
      • Dec 20th is Ponaganset’s concert, may cancel that day
    • Winter/Spring dinner theatre
      • Show – TBD
      • Possible dates – Feb 26, 27 and/or March 4-6 OR May 13-15 and/or 20-22
      • Need director
    • Spring 2016
      • M*A*S*H
      • Director still in discussion
      • Possible dates: April 8-10, 15-17 OR May 6-8, 13-15
        • Overlap with follies? Year off from follies?
      • Careful with the May weekends due to issues with prom scheduling – LSH has Scituate prom on opening night
    • Moved to accept, seconded, approved
    • CAST grant applies to 3 main shows
  • Corresponding Secretary – Carol Mauro volunteered
    • Nominated, seconded, approved
  • Finances
    • Filemaker Pro is good till Feb 2017
    • Victorian Carolers brought in good income, but it seems to be their final year
    • Christmas Story did well
    • Money handling policies
      • MaryJo Chretian and Laura Giorgianni are going to draft a policy for money handling and hospitality
      • Disability discount? Don’t currently have one, need to figure out
    • Christmas in the Valley – no results yet
  • NEED guidelines for every position – start with box office
    • Have a write-in? Everyone come with a laptop and write a draft, swap, revise, ask questions, etc.
    • March 6th – need to focus on job descriptions
  • Tech
    • Light-board power adapter having problems
    • LEDs – need to learn/program
    • Getting software for lighting
    • Getting something with memory – presets and GO buttons
    • Digital snake?
    • Handheld microphones (wireless) – need cost info
      • Would be nice to get these before Follies
      • Steve Carter will check on this
    • Sell some of our old stuff?
      • Need a list of what we’re not using
      • Need a spring cleaning of the storage unit
    • LSH – fully cast, first rehearsal Tuesday, alternate cast for first night due to prom. Maybe get alternates doing it two nights?
      • Still looking for guitar player
    • Shakespeare
      • Going well, off-book, working with props
      • Going with all LEDs on floor
      • MaryJo and Michelle Chretien can coordinate concessions
      • $12 for a la carte desserts, $20 for all you can eat desserts
        • $20 tickets get priority on tables
    • Unplugged
      • About growth in the craft
      • Want to challenge ourselves and each other
      • Would like to start a program that sits somewhere on the line between productions and education – about doing shows that stretch us as artists – use as a vehicle to improve across the board
      • Idea is to create training among those interested who can then share that with others in the organization
      • Tim Hillman is very interested and offering his mentoring skills for free
      • Almost an incubator for growing better artists
      • Basically an adult teen troupe
      • Maybe merge them or connect them – adults mentor teens
      • Add to our reputation as a learning ground for theatre
      • Still planning to do a show in August, probably Chekhov
      • Open to all ages, whole organization, anyone can join
      • Great alternative to seminar series, but we should ask about why those were unsuccessful – lessons learned?
      • Tasked 3 people as keepers of the flame – making sure stuff keeps happening and moving forward
        • Don’t control/own the idea, just tasked with keeping it going
        • Tim Hillman, Chris Brostrup-Jensen, Heather Christie
    • Next meeting scheduled for Feb 28th – location TBD, most likely Eddy Building