August 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – August 2016

August 13th, 2016, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members present (voting members in bold): Kaila Rubin, Ben Stanfield, Shane Inman, Liz Dubois, Eric Dubois, Carol Mauro, Bob Hollis

Meeting Begins – 10:08am

Executive Director

-Policy sub-committee meeting regarding communication needs to be rescheduled

-Possible dates should be chosen and sent to board to see if they work

-August 29th, September 12th, at 6:30pm are possibilities

-Location TBD

-Dennis needs assistance with the database maintenance

-Needs to be cleaned up, old show history is incomplete

-Lending library system still needs to be implemented, especially for Creative Studio

-Some form of collateral could be explored

-Written contract is probably best option

-Would state what was taken, include some form of repercussions if it is not returned in condition in which they were borrowed

-Dennis will write this contract

-Cleaning of cables needs to be organized as soon as possible after Seussical

-Cable bins should be set aside after Sunday’s production and brought to Bob’s house

-Carol’s barn is ideal location for cleaning

-Research should be done on what cleaning products would be most effective

-Steve Carter will be asked


-OHD Committee supports request to place performance space on town fairgrounds

-Town clerk needs to be contacted so SMCT can be placed on agenda for next meeting

-More concrete plan needs to be put together for meeting

-Contractor could be contacted to draw up plan

-Owner of Scituate Lumber could be contacted about materials

-Bob will email board with information he receives

-Money from building fund could be allocated to project in case of cost overages


-Library has asked if SMCT would be able to teach after-school theatre programs

-Bob will try to find interested parties

-Youth groups are tabled for the time being


-Seussical is going well, will be ready for opening night on the 17th

-Apocalypse Now auditions went well, casting decisions have been made

-USO Show is preparing for Trinity Kickoff event

-Creative Studio

-Bob is setting up editing classes with Andy Affleck

-Looking for interested parties

-May happen before end of August

-Year-long plan should be set up for production of CAST videos


-New building is still treading water, as is tradition


-New microphones have been delivered and work well


-Shane will catch up on archiving and uploading meeting minutes to website

Storage Organization and Cleanout

-Needs to be done soon, especially for costumes and fabrics

Meeting adjourned – 12:04pm