Cast of Wizard of Oz

Here is the cast chosen to ride the Tornado to Oz

Dorothy: Emma Capron
Toto: Isabella Giorgianni
Uncle Henry: Kurt Klopfenstein
Stretch/Scarecrow: Bart Hollingsworth
Rusty/Tin Man: Gary Pickard
Leo/Cowardly Lion: Bob Hollis
Bluebirds: Kyle Inman, Emma Ryan
Auntie Em: Lona Robillard
Glinda the Good Witch: Erin Nicholas
Wicked Witch of the West: Amanda Betchy
Doorman/Wizard of Oz: Jim Kenney
Top Banana: Julia Arnold
Monkeys: Madison Cook-Hines, Jill Cerullo, Alex Cerullo, Jane Barnes, Aminah Eisa
Lollipop Guild: Tristan Arnold, Eryk Thoman-Thurber, Zachary Morelli
Speaking Munchkins: Britany Fessenden, Brooke Fasano
Speaking Munchkin/Monkeys: Elijah Fontenault, Stephanie Morissette
Lullaby League: Aidan Lurgio, Julia Ellis, Ruth Lear
Poppy: Katelyn Fessenden, Sarina Resnick, Dallas Jacquart, Mallory Cottam
Poppy/Thriller Monkeys: Krystal LaValley, Mary Arnold, Mariah Harrington, Samantha Pike
Trees: Ana Capri Mauro, Katie Fantasia, Mike Paolucci, Sherri LaValley

We would like thank all the talented actors who were not chosen for a role for your time and talent.

Artie, Sandy & our Audition Panel