Annual Celebration

This event used to be called the Annual Meeting, but it is now too much fun to call it a meeting! THE ANNUAL CELEBRATION HAS BEEN BORN!

The evening will include

  • a Pot Luck Supper (bring a dish to share)
  • Karaoke and Dancing (with Fun2KnowMusic!)
  • a look backward in celebration of the past 10 years
  • a look forward in excitement for the coming season
  • a look inward to see how you and I can best use our talents to serve SMCT
  • and more singing and dancing with Fun2KnowMusic!

SCHEDULE – June 11, 2012 at the Captain Isaac Paine School

6:00 – Supper
6:30 – Supper continues, Fun2KnowMusic Begins
7:00 – A Look Back, A Celebration of Now, A Look Forward
8:00 – More Fun and Dancing!