The Lightning Thief Auditions

Swamp Meadow Community Theatre is excited to announce auditions for our Spring 2024 Musical, The Lightning Thief! 

Auditions will be held on January 14th and 15th

Audition Location : Assembly Theatre – 26 East Ave, Harrisville, RI

Ages : 13 and up


Please prepare and memorize a two minute cut from a song. The song should be in a contemporary musical theatre or rock style and not from the show.

 If you have an actor’s resume/headshot, please bring a copy (letter paper suffices). Reference photos may be taken if a headshot is not provided. Be prepared for cold readings from the script. If callbacks are needed, they will be held on Tuesday, January 16th at 6pm at the Assembly Theatre. 

If you are unable to make the auditions, please submit a video audition to by January 15th including a reading along with your musical singing. Please inquire at the above email for any further questions.


Rehearsals will begin on Saturday, January 20th at the Assembly Theatre from 9-3. Rehearsals will be Saturdays from 9-3 and Wednesdays from 6-8 through the show run, though all may not be called for the full time or for every rehearsal. 

Rehearsals will mainly be held at the Assembly Theatre, Legion Hall, or the Scituate Community House. A clear rehearsal schedule will be provided after casting.

Tech Week/Performance Dates:

Tech week will run from April 27th through May 2nd. Call time will be 5:30pm on weekdays for tech week. Call time for Tech weekends will vary and will be provided closer to the show. We will not have a rehearsal the Monday of tech (5/1) to help preserve the actors’ voices. 

Performance dates are May 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th and 11th at 7pm and May 5th at 2pm. Call time for actors will be at 5 pm and 12pm.

Tech week and performances will be held at The Assembly Theatre – 26 East Ave Harrisville, RI

Please note tech week rehearsals and performance dates are mandatory for cast members. Any rehearsal, tech week, or performance conflicts must be disclosed to production staff upon auditioning.

This production will be directed by Cate Hackett and assistant directed by Leilani-Thérèse Lavallee

Swamp Meadow Community Theatre encourages and accepts actors and volunteers of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities including those who are LGBTQIA+, people of color, people with disabilities, gender non-conforming people.

We are seeking, encouraging and accepting actors of all backgrounds and abilities to audition.

There is no fee to participate in this production. If cast, actors will be encouraged to collect playbill ads or help create or donate props, costumes, sets and etc. While this is encouraged and greatly helps the production succeed, it is not required to participate.

All roles listed available for casting:

PERCY JACKSON – Son of Poseidon, a good kid with a teenage temper
ANNABETH – Daughter of Athena, smarter than you
GROVER – A happy-go-lucky satyr, like a hippie kid with hooves
MR. D, aka DIONYSUS – God of wine, snarky camp director
LUKE – Son of Hermes, cool camp counselor
GABE UGLIANO – Percy’s foul stepfather
ARES – God of war, rock star in leather pants
MINOTAUR – Half-man, half-bull
SALLY JACKSON – Percy’s hard-working mother
SILENA BEAUREGARD – Daughter of Aphrodite
THE ORACLE – a hippie mummy
ECHIDNA – Mother of monsters
CHARON – Ferryperson to the Underworld
MR. BRUNNER, aka CHIRON – Wise centaur, part-time Latin teacher
POSEIDON – God of the sea, salty beach bum
HADES – God of the dead, aging rock star type
AUNTY EM, aka MEDUSA – Avid sculptor
KRONOS – A voice in a pit
CLARISSE – Tough jock girl, daughter of Ares
MRS. DODDS – A Fury posing as a substitute algebra teacher
KATIE GARDNER – Daughter of Demeter
THALIA – Daughter of Zeus, tough
BIANCA – A mysterious girl in 1930’s clothes

Forward any audition-related questions to

  • Dates & Times

  • January 14, 2024 The Assembly Theatre
  • January 15, 2024 The Assembly Theatre