Auditions for Apocalypse Now

Join Captain Benjamin Willard as he journeys into the dark heart of the Cambodian jungle in Swamp Meadow’s original stage adaptation of Academy Award-winning classic Apocalypse Now!

Auditions for SMCT’s Apocalypse Now will be held on August 5th from 6-9pm and August 6th from 1-4pm at the Woody Lowden Recreation Center (16 Howard Hill Road, Foster, RI 02825). Doors will close to new arrivals after 8pm and 3pm, respectively, so try to show up earlier rather than later. The auditions will consist of readings from the script itself and will not require any prepared pieces, although you may wish to look over the audition sides beforehand for characters in which you are interested (the download link for these can be found at the bottom of this page).

Performances are set for the first two weekends of December 2016. For additional information, or if you have any questions, please contact Shane at

Note: While many of the characters’ genders/ages are already established in the film, we intend to cast whoever fits best in each role, regardless of factors such as age, gender, etc., so feel free to try out for whichever parts for which you feel best suited.

COLONEL WALTER E. KURTZ (30 lines, Age 40+) – Purported to have gone insane, Kurtz is the shadowy general at the end of the river. He rules over apparent chaos, and is at once tormented and enraptured by the horrors he has witnessed.

CAPTAIN BENJAMIN WILLARD (130 lines, Age 25+) – The man charged with assassinating Kurtz. A trained killer and veteran of special operations who has returned to Vietnam because his old home holds nothing for him anymore. Driven, level-headed, somewhat aloof, and eminently lethal.

CHIEF PHILLIPS (70 lines, Age 25+) – Chief is in charge of the patrol boat (PBR), and doesn’t take challenges to this authority lightly. Stoic and principled, Chief feels responsible for the lives of the crew, especially Clean.

JAY ‘CHEF’ HICKS (80 lines, Age 20+) – Member of the PBR crew. A former “saucier” chef from New Orleans who is simply not cut out for war. Always wishing for the comforts of home, Chef is a wire pulled taught to the verge of snapping.

LANCE B. JOHNSON (35 lines, Age 18-25) – Member of the PBR crew. A former professional surfer who finds a number of less-than-conventional ways to cope with his surroundings, because he is otherwise unable to do so.

TYRONE ‘CLEAN’ MILLER (20 lines, Age 16-20) – Member of the PBR crew. A cocky kid born in the Bronx. Though something of a hair-trigger, Clean is remarkably cool and confident much of the time.

LIEUTENANT COLONEL BILL KILGORE (55 lines, Age 30+) – A warrior who belongs in the fray. Kilgore thrives on warfare, and is so unfazed by mortal danger that he appears to be effectively invincible.

PHOTOJOURNALIST (25 lines, Age 25+) – A manic disciple of Kurtz who is so enthralled by the man’s “genius” that she seems almost literally unable to stop talking about him.

COLONEL LUCAS (15 lines, Age 30+) – The specialist who gives Willard his orders. Very matter-of-fact, but treads lightly due to the sensitive nature of the mission.

GENERAL CORMAN (10 lines, Age 45+) – The general behind the order to kill Kurtz. Holds his cards very close to his chest, knows more than he says.

MP SERGEANT (10 lines, Age 20+) – Fetches Willard from his drunken stupor in Saigon.

KILGORE’S LIEUTENANT (<10 lines, Age 18+) – Closely follows Kilgore around and obeys his whims.

MIKE FROM SAN DIEGO (<10 lines, Age 18-25) – Surfer under Kilgore’s command, nervous about seeing combat.

JOHNNY FROM MALIBU (<10 lines, Age 18-25) – Another surfer under Kilgore.

LIEUTENANT CARLSEN (<10 lines, Age 20+) – The crew’s contact at the last Army outpost on the river. Eager to fulfill his orders and leave the outpost.

PROPAGANDA DIRECTOR (<10 lines, Age 25+) – Civilian filming soldiers in action for American news broadcasts.

LIEUTENANT RICHARD M. COLBY (nonspeaking, Age 25+) – Previously sent on a mission identical to Willard’s, but ultimately defected to Kurtz’s cause.

KURTZ’S GUARD (nonspeaking, Age 18+) – Guards Kurtz’s compound, is often found alongside Colby.

SAMPAN CIVILIANS (nonspeaking, Age variable) – Civilians stopped by PBR crew for an inspection.

Click here to download the Apocalypse Now audition sides.

If you wish to audition but are unable to make any of the listed audition times, please contact Shane at as soon as possible to schedule a different day/time.
  • Dates & Times

  • August 5, 2016 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Woody Lowden Recreation Center
  • August 6, 2016 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Woody Lowden Recreation Center