Fall 2020

“1897. It is the age of ingenuity. Years of progress has resulted in the creation of massive flying machines that defy the heavens themself and travel the cosmos.”

Witness the new adaptation of the classic play about the definitive Renaissance Man, Cyrano de Bergerac. Originally written by Edmond Rostand, this new, cosmic adaptation by Tyler H. Vigeant takes the classic story into the vast unknown.

Cyrano de Bergerac is a cadet on the Starship Darracq, a space vessel charged with exploring the galaxy and protecting its inhabitants from evil beings throughout the final frontier. Impressive to any average person, Cyrano should have utmost confidence in himself, but alas, he was gifted with a very long and unsightly nose; a nose that he loathes. Smitten by the lovely Roxane, Cyrano curses his large proboscis and feels doomed to be alone forever. For how could someone so lovely look past such a hideous nose. And while Cyrano languishes after his unattainable love, the antagonistic Panion, a people who vow to destroy Starship Darracq, loom planets away, waiting for the perfect time to attack.

Releasing in a 5 part podcast that harkens back to classic sci-fi radio plays, Cyrano de Bergerac: In Space is the space opera adaptation filled with heart, adventure, and drama that we NOSE you’ll enjoy.

Caleb McPhee – Cyrano de Bergerac
Jonathan F Safford – Christian De Neuvilette, Burgher 
Jim Kenney – Narrator
Shannon McLoud – Rag-N.O, Trooper 2, Champagne
Audrey Dubois – Roxane, Pickpocket, Flanquin, Montfleury
Maia Malo – Quiggly, Concessions Girl, Jangoon
Andy Affleck – Commander De Guiche, Ligniere, Deckhand
Merynn Flynn – Bellerose, Trooper, Duenna
Drake Lowe – Le Bret, Valvert, Young Man
Tyler H. Vigeant – Brasserbourne

Written and directed by Tyler H. Vigeant

Coming this Fall to swampmeadow.org and most major podcast platforms.