Odyssey Speed Run


Odyssey Speed Run is being presented at Assembly Theater in Harrisville, RI

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Swamp Meadow Community Theatre proudly presents The Odyssey Speedrun : 24 Books in 60 Minutes, A New Adaptation for our Summer Children’s Theatre!

Written by Rhode Island playwright Audrey Dubois, we are excited to go on this EPIC adventure!

An age-old story gets retold as a brand-new one-act for SMCT Summer Children’s Theatre!

Odysseus has been away at sea for a long time. A REALLY long time. Twenty years, in fact. And he would do anything to get back to his family. Along the way, he crosses paths with a cyclops that herds sheep, a princess who doesn’t like laundry, a witch who turns people into pigs, and a VERY angry sea god. With so many obstacles between here and there, how will Odysseus ever manage to get home?