Gain Through Loss Fundraiser

A word from Bob Hollis:

I have spent 10 years helping SMCT grow into a full and vibrant theater company. During that time, I have grown in many ways. The only unfortunate way, is that I have gained over 100 pounds in those 10 years. I have decided to deal with my health while offering you an opportunity to help support this wonderful, community-building, non-profit!

You can sign up to support me by pledging a certain amount for every pound that I lose! I plan to spend 18 months losing 185 pounds. I will give weekly updates and post monthly totals at which point you will be invited to send your check of support to Swamp Meadow Community Theatre, Box 213, Foster, RI 02825. All donations will be tax deductible.

You can sign up by sending an email sharing:
Your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and the amount you would like to pledge per pound to Bob Hollis at

For more information check out my website Gain Through Loss or call me at 401-440-7831.

Bob Hollis

Monthly totals:

  • October 2012: 35lbs
  • November 2012: 15lbs
  • December 2012: 5lbs

Calculate your pledge payments below and pay via Paypal. Select the month you want to pay for. Enter the amount you pledged per pound in the Quantity field. Then click “Add to Cart”.