Opportunity to act in a sci-fi thriller

ProvidenceLyceum.com (providencelyceum @ cox. net ) is seeking actors for a short, sci-fi thriller ‘Device’, which will be filming later in June in Glocester and possibly Providence and Pawtucket – depending upon the scene. Non-speaking parts, but require some acting experience. Rehearsal and filming coming up very soon!

Non-paying, however, the experience pays in opportunity for close-ups in a Twilight Zone like film, and to add to the resume, and network within the local film community at the friendly cast and crew party and film screening.

1) male actor to play slasher-type villain
2) two actors as corporate security guards (tough, in a suit)
3) six or more young actors (20s to 30s) for roles as grad students
4) psychology experiment technician (1or 2 possibly, undecided as of yet)