Ghost hunting in Burrillville

A producer contacted us with an opportunity to be part of a ghost hunting show:

My name is Javelynn and I work for a Travel Channel ghost hunting show that will be filming at the “Conjuring House” in Burrillville in two weeks time. We will spend the last two days of our shoot week on recreations and could use people to play these roles. I’m writing in to inquire if anyone at or connected to Swamp Meadow has interest in joining us! The acting itself will be very minimal without need to memorize lines. No experience necessary, but is encouraged insofar that I hope people who already enjoy acting would enjoy joining the crew for a day or two.

WHEN: Thursday 3/24 and Friday 3/25. At this time we do not have scenes scheduled out, so flexibility on both days is appreciated, though not required. No one needs to miss anything they already have plans for!

ROLES: TBD, but we are likely to need one or more young girls (the family history in the house involves 5 daughters). At this time we are open to ANYONE of any kind as our scenes and roles are still getting figured out. The more the merrier!

DETAILS: This is a voluntary position; unfortunately we cannot offer payment, but we will provide snacks, drinks, and a meal. If anyone wants an excuse to hang out with a film crew for a day and be on TV, this is a good excuse for it 🙂

NEEDED: If anyone is interested, I would appreciate getting a name, number, and selfie by the end of this week so we can start assigning roles. Alternatively, I freely give my email address and phone number for anyone who is interested to email, text, or call me. We can go from there!

Javelynn Tyler
Segment Producer