SMCT Minutes


Board Meeting – 7/10/2010 

The meeting took place at Bob H. & Carol M’s house. 



President/ Executive Director, Bob Hollis

Vice-President/ Asst. Director: Chris Brostrup-Jensen

Secretary/ Communications: Kaila Rubin

Treasurer: Carol Mauro

Creative Director: Laurie Murphy (her current committee includes: Zach & Mary Jo for programs & Chris & Liz for Creative Support)

Board Members:

Public Relations: Artie Robillard

Building & Tech: Steve Carter

Capital Campaign: Laurie Giorgianni

Events / Fund Raisers: Zach Farnum & Mary Jo Chretien

At-Large: Ann Valentine

Youth Representatives:  currently vacant

Zach Farnum will put a request on Facebook looking for Youth Rep’s.

Mary Jehu has resigned as Youth Rep. Mentor

Post meeting update:  {Ellen Robillard has signed on as Mentor for the Youth Rep’s}

 Exec. Director’s statement:

Let’s do what we do really well & let go of the things that no one steps up to work on.  It’s important to avoid burn-out by the dedicated core.

Focus of Meetings:

Annual (June) – To celebrate, recruit, appoint

Task Force (as needed) – To plan (such as a play production) & to do

Committee (Sept., Jan., March) – to communicate, make decisions, & coordinate

Board Meetings (Nov., Feb., May, July) – to communicate, analyze, support, re-focus

Officers (Aug., Oct., Dec., April) – to evaluate, respond, plan, coordinate


Meet Your Neighbor Day (7/10)

Karaoke (7/15) – adults should collect money

Old Home Days: Booth, Raffle & Foster Idol (7/23- 7/25)

Olivia (8/18 – 8/22) – Rosemary doing well

Dinner with Jeeves & Wooster (Sept.) possibly the 10th?

Script is done & Jake is casting

Dracula (weekends 10/29- 11/7)  Production staff needed

Get Merry: An Engaging Medieval Revel (Dec.) – date not set, maybe the 3rd weekend, play for this year, possible dinner theater in the future

Need to set calendar for 2011-12:

Dance Party/Murder Mystery (re-do, but change the ending)/Vendor Fair/Follies

(Zach F. & Jake W-J. may work on 2011Folles)

Jesus Christ Super Star (Spring 2011)

Need Musicians now

Calendar Raffle (June) – sold fewer tickets in 2010.  Start earlier in 2011?

The Adventures of Mr. Toad (Summer 2011)

Christmas Story or Romeo & Juliet (Fall 2011) – takes 18-24 months to get the rights to a production

Annie/Charlie & the Chocolate Factory/Casablanca/? maybe

Romeo & Juliet

Still have many opportunities that remain unfilled.  Would like to recruit Coordinators, Directors, Producers, make plans, etc. at Annual Meeting for following year. 

Membership & Administration:

Need to put meetings & minutes on the website.  Financial Records do not need to be publicized.   Need to recruit/install a Volunteer Coordinator to keep track of folks who indicate an interest in helping in specific capacities & track on the database.  Ideally a personable geek.  Currently, Ann Valentine keeps tabs on out Incorporation Requirements & ASCAP needs.  There was discussion about ASCAP subscription.  Need to clarify with Ann at next meeting.  We do not fall in the ASCAP rules & aren’t using it correctly.  Not for theater, but for Follies, etc.  Supposed to submit a list of every song sung for Follies.  Diff. from Karaoke DJ’s who have their own license, or possibly the host site.  More discussion needed.  Communication.  Carol Goulet is our Outreach Coordinator (InterAgency).  Discussion of this role needed.   Eddy Building is usually available for any SMCT Coordinator needing a place to hold a meeting.   

Database meeting held on 7/21/10.   Ready for data entry of contacts.

Leadership of Carolers needed.  Already being asked if we are available for Xmas in the Valley in Nov.


Doing all right.  See Carol M. for up-to-date info.

Need to recruit a campaign team.  Chris has been in touch with Michele Swallow & Jessica Barry.  They are available for Grant-Writing, but a Coordinator is needed.  Andy Affleck’s brother works for a fund-raising company.  Usually 60-70% have $ from local donors (with deep pockets).

Next Meeting is scheduled for Officers on 8/14 @ 9:30 AM at the Hollis-Mauro Homestead.  Advanced items for discussion include:  Use of ASCAP, Where does Outreach Coordinator fit, Leadership of Carolers.