May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

SMCT Board Meeting Minutes – May 2016

May 14th, 2016, 10:00am Benjamin Eddy Building, Foster, RI

Members present (voting members in bold): Dennis Chretien, Shane Inman, Artie Robillard, Kaila Rubin, Laura Giorgianni, John Lewis, Meryn Flynn, Andy Affleck, Chris Brostrup-Jensen, Mary-Jo Chretien,

Meeting Begins – 10:15am


-Community Building Grant

-Location still needs to be voted on, SMCT should choose among those available

-Rec field is not an option with current time limitation on grant, field would not be ready in time

-Should be somewhere accessible, with parking

-Nike site and Woody Lowden may be too secluded

-Electricity must be available

-Best option would be to seek extension so structure could be built on rec field, but have a fallback location in case this is impossible

-If expiration date is indeed the end of 2016, efforts will have to be made to expedite planning and construction

-Electrification will be too costly to pay for with initial grant, additional funds will have to be sought at a later date

-Solid case must be made to explain why rec field is ideal spot for new structure, and why it is currently not possible to utilize, then use this to ask for an extension on the grant

-Dennis and Chris will take charge of compiling this pitch

-Fairgrounds and Woody Lowden are fallback options

-Fairground may not have space

-Noise restrictions at Woody Lowden could be problematic

Executive Director

-Donations in honor of deceased members

-$50 will be given to designated charities

Motion to make a donation of $50 each in memory of Mark Safford and Tim Hillman – Seconded/Passed

-Annual celebration

-Advertising should be done to draw people to meeting

-Chris suggested contacting people personally and asking them to attend

-Nikki should work out details of event and advertising

-Artie wishes to give up publicity responsibilities, to be replaced by production-specific publicity managers

-Appointed position in charge of Creative Studio should be added

-Someone needs to contact Rob, Alicia, and Ben to gauge interest in board positions

-Policy meeting to discuss position of Membership Director will be held on May 23rd

-Someone is needed to record skit competition on May 20th

-Andy could do it, Jake Wolf-Jensen may also be available

-Camera and equipment is needed from Dubois’ house, access must be obtained before the 20th

-Andy will begin training people in editing software

-Jake will be asked to provide assistance


-Chris will take steps to determine if carolers will be active during coming holidays


-Logistics need to be worked out for transporting tech to and from Foster Old Home Days

-Van is needed, several options are being considered

-Nikki is no longer able to MC Foster Idol, other options are available

Meeting adjourned – 1:12pm