Spring 2009

We followed Dorothy through the twister and into the magical Land of Oz, and added our special Swamp Meadow spin to the story along the way! Our production included a talented cast of all ages, a truly frightening Wicked Witch, Munchkins galore, and Thriller monkeys!

Our cast included:

Dorothy – Emma Capron
Toto – Isabella Giorgianni
Uncle Henry – Kurt Klopfenstein
Stretch/Scarecrow – Bart Hollingsworth
Rusty/Tin Man – Gary Pickard
Leo/Cowardly Lion – Bob Hollis
Bluebirds – Kyle Inman/Emma Ryan
Auntie Em – Lona Robillard
Glinda the Good Witch – Erin Nicholas
Wicked Witch of the West – Amanda Betchy
Doorman/Wizard of Oz – Jim Kenney
Top Banana – Julia Arnold
Monkeys – Madison Cook-Hines, Jill Cerullo, Alex Cerullo, Jane Barnes, Aminah Eisa
The Lollipop Guild – Tristan Arnold, Eryk Thoman-Thurber, Zachary Morelli
Speaking Munchkins – Britany Fessenden, Brooke Fasano
Speaking Munchkin/Monkeys – Elijah Fontenault, Stephanie Morissette
The Lullaby League – Aidan Lurgio, Julia Ellis, Ruth Lear
Poppies – Katelyn Fessenden, Sarina Resnick, Dallas Jacquart, Mallory Cottam
Poppy/Thriller Monkeys – Krystal LaValley, Mary Arnold, Mariah Harrington, Samantha Pike
Trees –  Ana Capri Mauro, Katie Fantasia, Mike Paolucci, Sherri LaValley

Not them apples!!!

Happy little Bluebirds...
Happy little Bluebirds…