Spring 2014

This production opened on May 2, 2014 and closed on May 11, 2014.

Sent largely in Paris in the year 1625, young D’Artagnan sets out to join the King’s Musketeers, an elite guard manned only by the very best. Befriending Musketeers Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, the four companions seek to uphold the honor of King Louis XIII by foiling the plots of the Cardinal Richelieu and his spy, Milady. They succeed, but not before escaping harrowing situations and traveling across Europe at the behest of the Queen.

Cast (in alphabetical order)

LaDelle Arnold Queen Anne, Rochefort companion, Percy Blakeney
Preston Arnold Athos
Leah Fidler Bazin, Montaren
George Fortin Rochefort
Hannah Gibb Kitty, Bernajoux, Patrick, Rochefort companion
Laura Gibb Milady
Zachary Gibb D’Artagnan
Maia Grandy Mousqueton, Cardinal’s guard
Mike Grandy Lord de Winter, La Chesnaye, Stranger
Ryan Hole John Felton, Cahusac, Cardinal’s servant
Bart Hollingsworth Alexandre Dumas
Bob Hollis Monsieur de Tréville
Olivia Hussey Biscarat, English Guard, George Byron
Veronica Hussey De Winter’s servant, English Guard
Meagan Lalumiere Jussac, de Busigny, Magistrate’s Guard, Fight Choreographer
Rob LeBeau Duke of Buckingham, Charles
Alicia Mancini Innkeeper, English Guard, Dragoon
Kyle Martin King Louis XIII
Dale Miller Cardinal Richelieu, Rochefort companion
Tom Morey Porthos, Fencing Instructor
Donna Nichols Bois-Tracy, Rochefort companion, Abbess, René
Gary Pickard Aramis
Megan Printer Magistrate
Sarina Resnick Grimaud, Isaac
Steven Resnick Monsieur Bonacieux, Musketeer
Rudy Scholl Olivier, Rochefort companion
Rachel Stevens Constance Bonacieux, Clive Burton, Musketeer
Stacey Swift Executioner


Dennis Chretien Director
Liz Dubois Assistant Director
Artie Robillard Producer
Audrey Dubois, Associate Producer, Playbill
Eric Dubois Technical Director
Emily Chretien Stage Manager
Evelyn Dubois Assistant Stage Manager
Kaila Rubin Tech Crew (Lights)
Jayne Lear Tech Crew (Lights)
Sarah Lear Tech Crew (Lights)
Karen Morey Tech Crew (Costumes)
Lisa Cerullo Tech Crew (Costumes)
Cindy Kelley Tech Crew (Costumes)
Mary Jo Chretien Tech Crew (Costumes)
Marti Peterson Tech Crew (Costumes)
Chris Lear Tech Crew (Backstage)
Alex Cerullo Tech Crew (Backstage)

Performances: May 2-11, 2014

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