Summer 2011

This production opened on August 17, 2011 and closed on August 21, 2011.


Directed by Brian Wolf-Jensen

Mr. Toad’s Mad Adventures was adapted from the classic children’s book The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame and focused on Mr. Toad’s impetuous and perilous romance with the automobile. We had many talented young actors and actresses returning from past summers as well as quite a few newcomers, whom we welcome to the Swamp Meadow family!

Performances took place in 2011:

  • August 17th @ 7pm
  • August 18th @ 7pm
  • August 19th @ 7pm
  • August 20th @ 2pm
  • August 20th @ 7pm
  • August 21st @ 2pm

Show Synopsis:

Toad of Toad Hall is an eccentric but likable squire given to “crazes.”  His latest craze is an infatuation with motorcars… especially red ones!  Unfortunately, he smashes them up as fast as he gets them.  He even steals one for a wild ride over the countryside.  Naturally, this gets him into a great deal of trouble.  His dear friends Badger, Rat and Mole do their best to help, but their efforts aren’t enough and Toad ends up in prison after an uproarious courtroom scene.  His imprisonment couldn’t please his long-time enemies, the weasels, more.  They quickly take over Toad Hall and trash the place.  Meanwhile, the jailer’s daughter, Polly, thinks Toad is an exceptional fellow and helps him escape… dressed as a washerwoman.  On his way back home, he has a run-in with a barge owner who is horrified to discover the washerwoman is actually a toad!  When Toad finally meets up with his friends again, they devise a clever scheme to recapture Toad Hall from the weasels in another wild scene.


There were two casts for Mr. Toad:

Willows Cast

  • Toad – Tyler Vigeant
  • Rat – Chase Lurgio
  • Mole – Aidan Lurgio
  • Badger – Jon Howe
  • Chief Weasel – Sarina Resnick
  • Weasel Lieutenants – Isabella Giorgianni, Zachary Morelli, Max Monti, Audrey Dubois
  • Wife and Bargewoman – Sydney Anderson
  • Field Mice – Emily Craig, Anthony Piccolo, Alice Lear
  • Polly – Ruth Lear
  • Housekeeper – Caralyn Damas
  • Nurse and Washerwoman – Hannah Gibb
  • Bertie – Vanessa Toic
  • Cynthia – Emily Dubois
  • Salesman and Police Officer – Evelyn Dubois
  • Red Lion Owner – Rebecca Green
  • Neighbors – Emily Dubois, Rebecca Green, Emma Papa
  • Judge – Victoria Craig
  • Clerk – Molly Rush
  • Foxes – Anna Hughes, Micheal Resnick

Wind Cast

  • Toad – Emma Capron
  • Rat – Alex Cerullo
  • Mole – Katie Fidler
  • Badger – Lauren Bretanna
  • Chief Weasel – Josh Fidler
  • Weasel Lieutenants – Jill Cerullo, Emily Chretien, Jack Affleck, Ben Cerullo
  • Field Mice – Molly Santiello, Shannon Simoneau
  • Polly – Suzanne Paolucci
  • Neighbors – Suzanne Paolucci, Sarah Voisinet, Justina Paolucci
  • Wife and Bargewoman – Julia Borges
  • Housekeeper – Michelle Chretien
  • Washerwoman and Nurse – Sarah Bucknam
  • Bertie – Tess Safford
  • Cynthia – Victoria Willard
  • Salesman – Kathryn Sutton
  • Red Lion Owner – Isabella Weikman
  • Clerk – Sarah Voisinet
  • Judge – Justina Paolucci
  • Police Officer – Zachary Capron
  • Foxes – Ben Cerullo, Zachary Capron
  • Weasels – Cason Willard, Anthony Willard, Sam Cerullo