Summer 2013

This production opened on August 14, 2013 and closed on August 18, 2013.

When a power-hungry tiger violates the Law of the Jungle by viciously attacking the local human village, a young boy is left stranded, all alone and helpless in the wild. However, a clever mongoose named Rikki-Tikki-Tavi rescues the child and takes him to the jungle’s supreme wolf pack, where he is adopted and raised as a wolf. The Little Frog, or “Mowgli,” as he is called by the creatures of the jungle, grows up safe and happy, until one day when the evil tiger returns, demanding that the boy be turned over to him. Mowgli begins to question whether he truly belongs in the jungle with his wolf family, or in the man village with his true mother. His wild adventures with his jungle friends Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther, the crazy “King” monkey, and many others teach him important lessons about friendship, family, loyalty, and honesty as he begins to realize that the jungle is a place just as dangerous as it is exciting.

This show was adapted for children from the novel by Rudyard Kipling and was performed by children (ages 6 through 16) August 14-18, 2013. The show was directed and brought to life by Emily Chretien.

Cast (in alphabetical order):

Jack Affleck — Father Wolf
Austin Barber — Hathi
Reanna Bianca — Elephant Sangita and Wolf Nistha
Julia Borges — Messua
Genevieve Bradley — Wolf Sikari
Kristen Briggs — Rann
Lyndsey Cairone — Villager Leora
Tiana Cannella — Sloth
Allison Capron — Elephant Pitala (clarinet)
Karissa Carley — Monkey Karya
Kayleigh Carley — Monkey Sanaki
Madison Carney — Mowgli
Jill Cerullo — Kaa
Sam Cerullo — Wolf Sai
Michelle Chretien — Chitra, Elephant (trumpet)
Liam Connaughton — Little Monkey, Mang understudy
Aidan Dooley — Mang, Mowgli understudy
Millie Dubois — Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
Josh Fidler — Shere Khan
Katie Fidler — Nyra
Chris Gamage — Little Monkey
Hannah Gibb — Akela
Maia Grandy — Bagheera
Ryan Hole — Baloo
Jon Howe — Cobra, Elephant (french horn)
Kayla Krupa — Mor
Jessica Lamoureux — Frog
Alice Lear — Wolf Alpha
Hazel Lear — Wolf Pup, Little Monkey
Ruth Lear — Villager Lily
Kaylee Luchka — Toomai
Sarah Luchka — Wolf Pup, Little Monkey
Autumn McCann — Elephant Turahi (trombone), Villager Romila
Billy McCann — Wolf Pup, Little Monkey
Hannah McCann — Parrot
Megan Medeiros — Mother Wolf
Zachary Morelli — King Monkey
Carolyn Morey — Monkey Jasmit
Jillian Ormerod — Chameleon
Emma Papa — Ikki
Anthony Piccolo — Gray Brother
Mia Piccolo — Wolf Pup, Baby Elephant
Michael Resnick — Monkey Murkha
Sarina Resnick — Tabaqui
Cassidie Ross — Auntie Wolf
Molly Rush — Monkey Ajiba
Molly Santaniello — Wolf Pup, Little Monkey
Shannon Simoneau — Butterfly
Abby Theroux — Wolf Pup, Little Monkey
Sarah Voisinet — Elephant Bainda (clarinet)