Spring 2013

This production opened on April 5, 2013 and closed on April 14, 2013.

Made available by Rogers and Hammerstein Theatricals

In spring of 2013, Swamp Meadow Community Theatre staged the magnificence of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Nathan Jon Desisto and Bob Hollis joined as co-directors. SMCT was proud to introduce three newcomers to the SMCT Family; Emily Shell Gamage as Judas, Steven DeMello as Jesus, and Alura May as Mary. They were joined by more first-timers and many SMCT veterans.

A 15 piece Band/Orchestra brought to life all the power that Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice envisioned from the concept album to today!

Performances were April 5  @ 7 pm, April 6 @ pm, April 7 @ 2 pm, April 12 @ 7 pm, April 13 @ 7 pm, and April 14 @2 pm


Judas: Emily Shell Gamage
Jesus: Steven DeMello
Mary: Alura May
Pilate: Meryn Flynn
Herod: Lona Robillard
Simon: Torran Dooley
Peter: Mike Grandy
Caiaphas: Jonathan Safford
Annas: Preston Arnold
High Priest 1: Janice Dionne
High Priest 2: Phil Hauser


Cate Hackett
Maia Grandy
Audrey Dubois
Sara D’Angelos
Laurie Murphy
Justina Paolucci
Kaila Rubin
Julia Arnold
Gary Pickard
Stacy Swift
Jill Cerullo


Donna DePasquale
Tristan Arnold
Ryan Hole
Sarina Resnick
Sandy Arnold
Steve Resnick
Grace Chenot
Gabrielle Dworkin
Millie Dubois


Doug Gamage
Chris Gamage
John Dooley
Kassie Dionne


Keyboard: Isabella Giorgianni
Keyboard: Scott Doyle
Guitar: Steve Wetzel
Guitar and Acoustic: Steve Goulet
Bass: Chris Tavares
Stand Up Bass: Dan Conaughton
Drums: Chris Rao
Flute: Cynthia Kelley
Flute: Erin Viveros
Clarinet: Jake Farnum
Saxophone: Brian Wolf-Jensen
Trumpet: Michelle Chretien
Trumpet/French Horn: Alex Cerullo
Trombone: Austin Barber
French Horn: Jon Howe
Tuba: Emily Chretien