Holidays 2009

This production opened on December 4, 2009 and closed on December 13, 2009.

Chris Brostrup Jensen was the lead director for this hilarious comedy based on the Monty Python movie. By incorporating several other sketches into the mix, it was a side-splitting adventure not to be forgotten! Performance dates: December 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13.

Cast list (in alphabetical order)
Julia Arnold: French Taunter, Sign-Bearer #2
Alexander Battista: Sir Bors
Amanda Betchy: Herbert’s Guard
Leah Carpenter: Castle Anthrax Girl, Singing Minstrel
Dennis Chretien: Roger the Shrubber
Emily Chretien: Minstrel
Michelle Chretien: Minstrel
Paige Cookson: Castle Anthrax Girl, Bedevere’s Page
Emily Craig: Not-Dead Fred
Audrey Dubois: Knight of Ni!
Emily Dubois: Witch
Eveyln Dubois: Concorde
Russell DuCharme: Swallow Soldier, Peasant, Lower Half of Ni!
Katie Fantasia: Herbert’s Guard
Jake Farnum: Gate Guard
Zach Farnum: Undertaker, Sir Gawain’s Page
Meryn Flynn: Narrator
Zach Gibb: Lancelot
Nancy Harris: Old Crone
Caitlyn Hayes: Zoot, Patsy
Reilly Hayes: Bedevere
Bob Hollis: God, Giant Head
Kyle Inman: Sir Robin
Judy Kerkhoff: Biggles
Kurt Klopfenstein: Herbert’s Father
Sherri LaValley: Hermit #3
Katie Lewis: Herbert, Castle Anthrax Girl
Aidan Lurgio: Knight of Ni!
Chase Lurgio: Tall Knight of Ni!
AnaCapri Mauro: Swallow Soldier
Laurie Murphy: Hermit #2
Erin Nicholas: Villager
Sean Nicholas: Cardinal Fang
Dan Novak: Bridgekeeper
Rosemary Paolucci: Knight of Ni!, Giant Head
David Pickard: Ximinez, Gawain
Gary Pickard: Brother Maynard
Kaila Rubin: Dennis’s Mother
Benjamin Russo: Killer Rabbit
Kristin Russo: Castle Anthrax Girl, Peasant
Lizzie Russo: French Taunter, Villager
Ben Ryan: King Arthur
Casey Ryan: Black Knight
Mike Ryan: Tim, Villager
Robert Shaffer: Large Man, Hermit #4
Kelly Slader: Sign-Bearer
Gianna Soprano: Giant Head
Tyler Vigeant: French Taunter, Villager
Brian Wolf-Jensen: Inspector Dim, Green Knight
Jake Wolf-Jensen: Dennis, Galahad

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