Spring 2014

This production opened on March 8, 2014 and closed on March 9, 2014.

SMCT’s dinner theatre for March 2014 was an event to remember. The audience has come to say goodbye to Patrick James Finnegan, a mailman who won 2.2 million dollars playing the slots at Atlantic City and then promptly dropped dead. As his contentious family gets more and more distraught during this memorable evening concocted by the co-creator of Tony and Tina’s Wedding, a fight erupts over opening the casket. Finally they do and Paddy’s body is not in there! While the missing body is located, the audience is invited to eat, drink and be merry at an authentic Irish American wake, complete with traditional Irish drinking songs and some lively tap and step dancing. Paddy is found, the party continues and all are treated to a great surprise one straight out of the song Finnegan’s Wake.


Paddy Finnegan’s corpse: Preston Arnold
Maggie Finnegan: Kaila Rubin
Patrick Finnegan: Kyle Inman
Brian Finnegan: Zach Gibb
Erin Finnegan-Gilboy: Cate Bartlett
Colleen Finnegan: Justine Durvin
Brooke Lewis: Laura Gibb
Busty Quivers: Alura May
Father Seamus McMurphy: Mike Grandy
Bill Buckley: Steve Resnick
Katherine Buckley: Laurie Murphy
Max Goldstein: Rob Fontenault
Tyrone Jefferson: Matt Bartlett
Ellie McGuire: Sarina Resnick
Bridget Gilboy: Evelyn Dubois
Fiona Gilboy: Stephanie Gibadlo
The Dublineers: Maia Grandy, Isabella Giorgianni, Hannah Gibb, Sean Grandy


corned beef and cabbage
potatoes, carrots and beets
pea soup
Irish soda bread
cake (white sheet cake with white frosting and green Irish decor)
coffee and fixings
vegetarian lasagna available for our vegetarian guests

Finnegan’s Farewell was performed at the South Foster Fire Station on March 8, 2014 at 6 pm and March 9 at 1 pm. Tickets were $28 each, including the meal. BYOB.