Spring 2010

This production opened on May 21, 2010 and closed on May 30, 2010.

The Fantasticks is a story about love, romance, illusion, disillusion, and happiness. It takes place anywhere, anytime and involves the machinations of two neighbors to create a love story between their children. A romantic moon-lit adventure is conjured but, as they say in the play “the night is only half the day.” What happens when the sun comes up and reality sets back in provides some life lessons, some poignant, some amusing, about the nature of real love and true romance.

This play has an illustrious history. It opened in Greenwich Village in 1960 and ran for forty-two years, 17,162 performances, making it the longest running musical in the world and the longest running play of any genre in America. Although it closed in 2002, it had already been revived in 2006 and again in 2008. Late actor Jerry Orbach originated the role of El Gallo, one of several stellar actors who have performed in the show over the years.

Preston Arnold was the lead director for this project. Play dates were May 21, 22, 23, and 28, 29, 30.

Cast of Characters

EL GALLO: (Liam Dailey) The narrator and chief magician of the play. He is the dashing, romantic bandit with a touch of the poet, the rascal, and the puppet master. He is a baritone, has four major songs, and some of the longest spoken pieces of the play.

MATT: (Joshua Burkart) The Boy of the romance. He is innocent but self-absorbed and self-important. He is a baritone/tenor and has five major songs

LUISA: (Mary Arnold) The Girl of the romance. She is fanciful and romantic and has a tendency to melodrama. She is a soprano and has five major songs.
HUCKLEBEE: (John Lewis) Matt’s parent. He is gruff and practical, somewhat conniving but loves his son. A former Naval officer. He is a baritone and has three major songs.

BELLOMY: (Mike Paolucci) Luisa’s father. He is also practical, not given to flights of fancy but is a touch dimmer than Hucklebee. A merchant and a fussy gardener. He is a baritone and has three major songs.

HENRY: (Andy Affleck) The Old Actor. He is vainglorious for the (supposed) glory days of his lost youth. Very theatrical but somewhat forgetful and unfocused. No major songs.

MORTIMER: (Alex Ruggieri) Henry’s companion and sidekick. Quiet, more in the line of physical comedy. No major songs, speaks in a Cockney accent.

MUTE: (Rebecca Sprague) No spoken lines but must have good presence and grace.  She is the dues ex machina who makes things happen, props appear, and sets the scenes. On stage almost whole show.

Liam singing “Try to Remember”
Mary as Luisa