Spring 2012

This production opened on April 27, 2012 and closed on May 6, 2012.

SMCT’s play for Spring 2012 was the Canterbury Tales or Geoffrey Chaucer’s Flying Circus by Burton Bumgarner.

The play was a modernized, hilarious, wacked-out twist on The Canterbury Tales, featuring characters such as Alex of Trebek, King Leno, the Wrong Pilgrims, along with a list of many more zany characters.

All Star Cast:

Boring Scholar: Stacy Swift
Harry Bailey: Dennis Chretien
Stage Manager, Wrong Pilgrim: Jayne Lear
Sign Changer: Amanda Betchy
Geoffrey Chaucer: Bart Hollingsworth
Wrong Pilgrim, Miller: Chris Lear
Wrong Pilgrims: Ruth Lear, Alice Lear, Hazel Lear
Mrs. Bailey: Linda Resnick
Knight, Pertelote: Meryn Flynn
Theseus, Tax Man: Mike Paolucci
Palamon, Farmer: David Gresh
Arcite: Steve Resnick
Emelye: Julia Arnold
Coconut People: Kassie Dionne, Sarina Resnick, Kate Fidler
The Parson, Friar: Bob Hollis
Lust: Amanda Betchy
Gluttony: Molly Rush
Greed: Katie Fidler
Sloth: Sarina Resnick
Anger: Michael Resnick
Envy: Kaitlyn Durbano
Pride: Paige Cookson
Wife of Bath: Janice Dionne
Naughty Knight: Josh Fidler
King Arthur, Young Lady: Seanna Fessenden
Lawyer, Old Woman: Sue Rush
Guard 1, Alex of Trebek: Elijah Fontenault
Francesca: Sarina Resnick
Roberta: Leah Fidler
Mandy: Paige Cookson
Pardoner: Rob Fontenault
Thief 1: Evelyn  Dubois
Thief 2, Physician: Emily  Dubois
Thief 3: Audrey Dubois
Queen, Old Man (Death): Kaila Rubin
Sister Mary Agnes: Janice Dionne
Chanticleer: Isabella Giorgianni
Fox: Lona Robillard
Animals: Shannon Simoneau, Kayla Krupa, Ruth Lear, Hazel Lear, Michael Resnick
The Cook: Laura Giorgianni
Duchess Ellen: Audrey Dubois
Devil: Melodie Fontenault,(Devil played by Sue Rush on Opening Night)
Old Widow: Carol Goulet
The Miller’s Mom: Edna Boivin

Kazoo Band Director, Julia Arnold
Kazoo Players: Kayla Krupa, Kassie Dionne, Audrey Dubois, Evelyn Dubois, Emily Dubois, Nigel Richards, Ruth Lear, Alice Lear, Molly Rush, Shannon Simoneau

Cadence Monks: Nigel Richards, Elijah Fontenault, Paige Cookson

Production People
Directing Team: Sandy Arnold, Artie Robillard
Producer: Lona Robillard
Assistants: Heather Arnold, Becky Phelan, Linda Resnick
Production Advisor: Laura Giorgianni
Sound Tech: Andy Affleck, Eric Dubois
Lighting: Jill Cerullo, Emily & Michelle Chretien
Make-up: Mary Jehu, Sarina Resnick
Concessions: Lucy Talbot
Publicity & PR.: Dennis Chretien, Eric Dubois, Artie Robillard
Art Work: Kim Mast
Costume Head: Carol Goulet
Playbill: Carol Mauro

Performances took place on April 27, 28, May 4, 5 at 7 pm and April 29, May 6, at 2pm.